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Reply to HemoFlo - Eliminate Arm Pump 6/7/2013 5:09 AM

it would have to have some side effect, nothing is that good without being bad for you.

Reply to Bro whip? 6/6/2013 5:42 AM

your game jumping a wooden ramp, that itself is crazy enough for me haha.

Reply to Are chest protectors cool yet in MX yet? 6/5/2013 1:21 AM

I have worn them for as long as I have been riding, I'm the only person my age i know who wears one. What i find most use full is i don't have to have the annoying straps on for my neck brace because my chest protector holds it in place.

Reply to 5 days and counting... 5/13/2013 6:12 AM

i'm hoping a rookie steps it up in the 450 class, i'm sick of the ryans winning everything. millsap's early season form in sx was very refreshing. if anyone is going to do it, it will be barcia or wilson.

Reply to You guys think M. Stewart will fit the 450 well? 5/13/2013 12:17 AM

explain how they are cheaters bikes?

Reply to 250 2-stroke 5/12/2013 5:44 PM

thanks for all the help, as for luck im going to need it haha.

Reply to 250 2-stroke 5/12/2013 5:17 PM

im not looking for a brand new bike, id like to buy something second hand and spend the money i save on the save on the bike, i've already sold my ktm for 8000 and could buy a neat cr for 3500 to 4000 and spend 4000 on making it a competitive bike, whereas ... more »

Reply to 250 2-stroke 5/12/2013 4:44 PM

thanks for the replies, the only thing that makes me hesitate about getting a cr is i have heard the suspension is nowhere near as good as the other bikes, then again that could be people talking about things they have no idea about. im in vic, i have ... more »

Reply to Aussie MX Nationals 4/30/2013 4:13 AM

a little off topic, but does anybody think putting the 250 2 strokes with the lites is fair?

Reply to Aussie MX Nationals 4/30/2013 3:53 AM

beautiful, thanks. any chance of finding the qualifying times, and lap times throughout the races up to 40th place? i just had a few friends racing and it would be interesting to compare lap times

Reply to Aussie MX Nationals 4/30/2013 3:38 AM

do you have the lites points as well?

Reply to The Donuts Resurrgence 4/28/2013 6:23 AM

couldn't agree more, it's a shame he didn't win this year. i was really rooting for him.

Reply to YZ125 Outdoors! 3/25/2013 2:19 AM

his so slow, but if i seen him at the track i would go home because his fast.

Reply to Vince Fiese vs Cole Thompson 3/25/2013 1:59 AM

I love a good battle, its what racing is all about. but for some reason Vince drives me crazy and i can't stand it when he holds somebody up.

Reply to Man I was expecting James to do better. 3/24/2013 7:56 PM

it was good to hear him blame himself, and not injury or the bike like everyone usually does. never been a big fan of him, but i now hope he does turn it around.

Reply to Decotis to Pro Circuit 3/24/2013 7:16 PM

I hope this is true, i've been a big decotis fan for a while now.