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My '12 YZ250F has a FMF Powercore 4.1 with the stock head pipe and it is too loud for me to ride in my area. Before I go and order the quiet insert, can anyone tell me if it makes the bike much quieter? I read mixed opinions on if it actually makes a ... more »

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Yes, I've noticed it as well...The RV appears in the desert background randomly from time to time

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Nice set up! I used to live in that area, still have friends and family in Sussex county! Heat is a requirement, for sure. Enjoy your new space!

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x2 Indian Mound in Sparta - fairly new track and it is a lot of fun. Trying to get out there after Christmas.

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E-Town!!! I have a Ridgeline too, and a Yamaha, just 10 years older...Both the truck & the bike

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I have no advice for Tib/Fib but I have been non-weight bearing for the past 7 weeks due to a Talus fracture. iWalk hands-free crutch was a godsend, I was able to be a lot closer to living a normal life. Just rest up, try to do what exercise you can ... more »

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Hi - do you still have the pipe for the YZ450F?

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Not nearly as many as I would like, but here goes... Unadilla Raceway Park All 6 or 7 of the Durhamtown Plantation Tracks Walden MX OCFS MX Blue Diamond MX Long Island MX - now closed, but was an awesome track Club MX - now 10th St MX Rocky Hill Snake ... more »

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If we have a JS7 v CR22 shootout on 2 strokes I will lose my mind....

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I bet he's taking Barcia's place at JGR....

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I have used both...The platform type is nice if your bike fits properly without hitting the linkage and the bike being balanced on it. I like the the type that holds the bike via foot pegs...A major downside is that the bottle jack seals often go bad

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Call CTI - I had the same issue with the custom brace and the CTI rep had to write a letter of medical necessity and ultimately I had no co-pay or out of pocket expense for either....Just couldn't get the custom brace for my good knee!

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After a grade 3 ACL tear, I went with a CTI custom brace and an OTS CTI for the uninjured knee...Insurance wouldn't cover the second custom because I didn't have an injury on that leg. \ Others have mentioned that you need to readjust the straps constantly,

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I tow a 4x8 utility trailer with my 2007 VW Rabbit (same as a Golf), 2.5L 5spd and it does great. Plenty of torque and hardly feel the bike back there. I also use it for light runs to the dump or to Home Depot and moving furniture. I never regret getting

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Added reply in a thread millsaps wheel tap? 1/31/2017 9:00 AM That was one of the best passes I have ever seen, no idea how he held it like that....