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You're an engineer and know how to do math. You're probably also less likely to be in the paycheck to paycheck category of moto-bro. And maybe less likely to be at risk of sudden job loss. Buying a new toy with "free money" sets up a bad emotionally-driven ... more »

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Heaven forbid trying to keep other moto bros out of debt. ... more »
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That hyper-caffeinated lurch when cracking open the throttle is one thing about most EFI four strokes that I really hate. It's less pronounced on the 350 vs the two modern 450s I've had ('18 CRF450 - terrible, '19 450SXF - not great). With the XPR mapped ... more »

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Have read a lot of good reviews on REP for the suspension. Also forgot to add that I had a set of Starcrosses and they worked good when fresh and lasted quite a while. They are narrower and lighter for the same size versus Dunlops. I put a set of MX33

... more »
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I have a 2017 TC250 as well and will probably hang on to it for awhile as well. I personally like the 48 tooth or a 50 tooth (stock) over the 49. Be sure to give us a ride report on the suspension when it's ready.

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I made some posts about the Vortex adding the snap/excitement/hit/whatever to my FC350. I run out of talent long before the engine runs out of RPM. The Vortex livens things up In the mortal-man part of the RPM range. A remap probably helps quite a bit ... more »

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Nice. The other Houston locations are sparse for MX stuff.

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Buy out of state and get the MSO. No sales tax paid if it isn’t titled. Starve the beast (although this will take awhile).

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Get the FC now and a used TC later.

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If you pull expansion chamber you may be able to feel for liner along bottom of exhaust port. Shouldn’t be any change in material. If there is, or worse a step, then it might have a liner. Seems unlikely based on original chain and sprockets.

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Very nice appearing, machine-made welds can also be structurally very weak. Improper pre-heat, poor prep of base material, wrong filler, bad purge, etc. can all result in unacceptable welds. Failure in the fill material indicates to me that the weld ... more »

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Connector behind number plate? There was a thread similar a few days ago maybe.

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If it doesn’t with the stock setup, then it certainly will with a few mods and a remap or Vortex. A remapped Vortex made it much more like my TC250: snappy/responsive/torque-y. I made a thread about what else it changes.

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Pretty sure many of their ECU are interchangeable across models with remap. Here’s what you’re looking for (confirm before purchase): I bought one on eBay already remapped for my bike and at a steep discount.

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Post back here after they come in. Thanks for everyone’s replies. Have some good starting point info.

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Try the stock pipe?

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I’ve been using the cheapest goggles basically forever: Scott Recoil. They get the job done and are very reasonably priced. Have wondered lately what I’m missing over the premium options from Scott, Smith, Oakley, etc. What am I missing with my low budget ... more »

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EU 2015 had WPCC right? Not 4CS. Older gen bike feels like older gen, but probably plenty good for most/many.

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Looks well done. Couple of things to consider: 1. Aluminum may transfer heat more quickly than steel or plastic (depending on wall thickness) and 2. The temperature change of your fuel could potentially cause quite a pressure buildup with limited possibility ... more »

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I have a ‘17 TC250 and a ‘19 FC350. The TC is more fun to ride with the snappy power and light feeling. It’s easier to make consistent laps on the FC. The FC also has a very wide spread of power. After a few mods, the 350 is significantly better than ... more »