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I ran a 300 kit on my 2017 TC250 for 10 hrs. For tracks I ride and my lack of talent, it was too much of a good thing. It also took away some of the light/revvy/free 2-stroke-ness of the 250 setup. On more open tracks or off-road riding I think the 300

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Have used 13.5 in those tires on two different bikes at 3P. I have found these last longer than Dunlops and give about 85% or more of the traction (i.e. not quite as good).

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Set air pressure to get adequate fork "spring rate", and front to rear balance when sag set properly. Stock might be a good starting point for you. Clickers should be adjusted to get the damping you're looking for. I have my '19 FC350 suspension revalved ... more »

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Was adjusting the throttle free play on my 2003 Honda CR250. Got it adjusted to just about where I wanted and thought I should test ride to make sure. Kicked it over and it cranked right up (engine ice cold). BUT, throttle stuck wide ass open. Tried ... more »

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I’ve used the RT bolt and it worked fine. I have also installed a bladder kit to not have to fiddle with the bolt or drilling/tapping for a schrader valve. Have also done hand bleeds and used air instead of nitrogen. Both were fine for me.

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Have a 19 Husky FC350. After Enzo revalved front and rear it’s working very good. The only minor complaint now is that the air forks don’t offer quite the same level of front end feel/grip, and the confidence to go with it. Revalve was under $500. Lots ... more »

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The 350 is easier to ride for longer, but isn’t as easy to go fast on (as a 450). Also less likely to get out of hand when you get tired as you do have to ride it harder.

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I have an FMF Gnarly and turbine core I’ll sell for cheap. Decent shape.

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Those forks are so sweet.

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How/where are they purchased illegally from?

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Have it rebuilt by Andrew Cooksey at Cooksey Crank.

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It’s a good question. With the STIC and the PWK on my TC250, it pulls harder than PWK-only from when you open the throttle through the full RPM range. More over-rev also. It sounds nice on paper to me, but the reality was it was too much of a good thing ... more »

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I put 10 hrs on a kit on mine. It was good for really wide open tracks and very sandy, but too much for everything else. Also felt less revvy/250-like. Could probably ride it like a 450 and be very efficient and fast, but that’s not as fun IMO.

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I had zero noticeable up/down play at 50 and 75-ish hours, FWIW. Ring end gap was at limit after 65-ish hours total. On the carb stuff: the PWK is less sensitive to temperature change and works pretty good once you’re close. For the TMX, after I had ... more »

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Have a 17 TC250. If you like 2-strokes, then you’ll have a hard time going wrong with 250SX or TC250. Has good power, handling, suspension (once setup), and quality. I sold both of my 3rd gen Hondas after getting this one. Also to note: I like the feel

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Do you have a service manual? It sounds like the lower part of the PV linkage is off a tooth.

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I swapped a set of forks/wheel/etc from a 3rd gen Honda to my 14 KTM 150 for a test. Worked fine but required shims. Revalved WP CC spring forks are a great option for the cost conscious. I would like to try the KYB inserts next. Cone Valves and Trax ... more »

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I have a few data points for reference. On my 2017 Husky TC250 I had Enzo revalve a set of WP CC spring forks and the stock shock. This setup works very well. On my 2019 KTM 450 (recently sold), I put about 10 hours on the stock stuff, 5 hrs on a set ... more »

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What weight and skill?

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Have almost 10 hrs on my ‘19. About to switch to 14/51. If second were longer (i.e. 14/48) then that might be good, but would require second in every corner. With just a little more pull in third or slightly taller gearing it should be very close and ... more »