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2013 KTM 150sx Gulf x2
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Same. Have one for my 19 FC350. The improvement in reduced engine braking, crispness, and fewer flameouts is worth the price. Could probably get a lot of bang for buck with remap alone if funds are tight.

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No thanks, videos are hard to watch, depending on where you are. You can read anywhere. Bummer

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I would not expect uniform torque on each and every spoke to automatically give you a true wheel, especially after use. What are you trying to achieve with the constant retorquing of every spoke? I generally check that all spokes have some tension, the ... more »

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I have a Boyesen Rad Valve in good shape for a 2001 Honda CR250, if interested.

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Flameouts are mostly eliminated on my '19 FC350 after adding a Vortex (mapped by XPR). Remap by XPR or TD would be next choice.

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Feld and NBC are smart. Rutledge Wood's presence has: 1. Drawn in gen-pop motorsports fans who may not know shit about SX, and 2. Started lots of discussion about how much of a douche he is by the core fans. Both groups are watching Feld/NBC ads and

... more »
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I feel like a broken record, but Enzo has great settings. Spring forks still have better corner feel IMO, but I was very happy with my revalved AER on my '19 FC350. With revalved WP CC they are even better.

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I have an FMF Gnarly and Turbine core that I'll sell for CHEAP.

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Keeping my arse as far forward as possible always helps.

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Get a good tire changing stand and good tire irons. I have one from and it makes it much easier.

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I love it when you hear the crowd cheer because something is happening that isn't on the screen.

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I wish I could read.

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Any chance there is a part number on this? Have a 2014 KTM 150SX. I think it’s the same, but Acerbis website is not so great.

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That depends. Some questions first: What type of crashes typically cause the spinal cord injury you’re trying to protect against? And what are the primary causal factors that lead to that type of crash?

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I love a good neck brace thread. Can we also get motor oil recommendations, premix ratio opinions, and COVID Vaccines in on this as well? The “study” above and its conclusions are flawed. And there are better ways to mitigate the risk of a spinal cord ... more »

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In the Houston area, the common rip-off approach is having a potential buyer ask you to meet them at a park. The park is usually conveniently located near powerline right of ways, trails, or bayous. The perp then shows a wad of cash (a roll of money ... more »

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2002 Honda CR250R
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Post pics of this beast. And a ride report.