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Reply to Dual sporting your off-road bikes 6/15/2021 5:25 PM

Restricted street legal plate in Idaho consists of a whistle, mirror and brake light.

Reply to In California Today, what to do? 6/14/2021 8:08 AM

Hermosa Beach pier area is a nice place to watch women playing volleyball in thongs.

Reply to What venues would you like to see next outdoor szn? 6/13/2021 3:14 PM

OMC Established in 1940

Reply to Engineering Jobs in Motocross 6/9/2021 8:45 AM

The motorcycle industry is not big. So once you get a job with any company and make connections, your dream job will be available within a reasonable time period. There is a high turn over in the industry.

Reply to Dal Soggio Ray kit for 4CS forks 6/8/2021 1:43 PM

The ray kit works great. Depending on your age and level, might want to soften up the HS a bit.

Reply to American Honda motorcycle collection 5/26/2021 8:27 AM

Reply to American Honda motorcycle collection 5/26/2021 6:28 AM

Reply to This is Crazy 5/25/2021 1:22 PM

I am sitting in a Ford dealer getting some warranty work done on my Transit T-250. There are no new pickups on the lot. The show room is empty. The sales sharks are surrounding the used car lot which has maybe 30 vehicles and no used trucks.

Reply to Is it hard to find time to ride and to take care of a baby? 5/23/2021 1:05 PM

I got into trials about the time my daughter was born. Easy to practice in the garage or backyard without taking away family time. Trials is a lot harder than it looks.

Reply to 450 MX predictions 5/23/2021 12:17 PM

I think Sexton is going to take a few wins.

Reply to What’s your favorite Motorcycle inspired book. 5/18/2021 9:07 PM

Chasing Dakar

Reply to KTM 300 XC vs. Husqvarna TX 300 vs. GG 300 EX 5/17/2021 7:04 PM

TM or Beta

Reply to 2022 Husqvarna Enduro models 5/12/2021 12:59 PM

I am a big Husqvarna fan and have had several models going back to 1976. The Betas look tons better these days as well as the Gas Gas bikes.

Reply to GasGas MC250 Smoker ??? 5/11/2021 8:29 AM

I had an 02 250 EC-O. Was a great bike for the more technical stuff.

Reply to Sonora Rally 5/11/2021 8:18 AM

Was Chuck Stearns the first American to compete in Dakar?

Reply to Seriously DC? Why? 5/10/2021 2:28 PM

The AMA ran flat track into the ground in the 80's after harley got their asses handed to them by Honda. The AMA never has truly protected your right to ride when going up against the environmental wackos. Why in the heck do promoters think that they ... more »

Reply to Seriously DC? Why? 5/10/2021 6:24 AM

Pala is on Indian Nation Land. The riders should all show up at the starting line with cameras and the Pala tribe should say that it is mandatory to wear a helmet camera.

Reply to Yamaha enters Hard Enduro 5/7/2021 3:12 PM

fast fire roads between sections.

Reply to Yamaha enters Hard Enduro 5/7/2021 8:36 AM

I wonder if there is a trick 6 speed trans stuffed in that bike.

Reply to 2022 KTM's live on site 5/5/2021 6:11 AM

The way the fed is printing money out of thin air, lucky the price of new bikes is just creeping up.