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Reply to Spoke With My Savings Account (Spolier Alert - It's a 2 stroke) 3/11/2019 7:15 AM

Bike looks nice with silver rims.

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Reply to My 1990 KTM 125 project 3/8/2019 11:47 AM

Bringing the 1990 125 over to OMC next month?

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Reply to Will Roczen ever win again? 3/3/2019 12:45 PM

New frame for 19, some riders take longer to dial in bike than others. Remember in 15 that Roczen did not have the Suzuki dialed in for almost the entire season. Honda has more resources and expertise than RCH had. I believe Honda will resign 94 for ... more »

Reply to Osborne? 3/2/2019 9:22 PM

Kind of luck he had in 2016. Osborne needs to back it down a bit and stay healthy. Save it for the outdoors.

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Kennedy machinist toolbox

Reply to Reverse Buyer's Remorse. What are the favorite bikes that you've owned over the years? 2/27/2019 9:43 AM

1976 Puch 50 1980 Husky 250 1984 KTM 125 1992 YAmaha TY 250 2002 GasGas 250 ECO 2007 GasGas 200 txt 2017 GasGas 250 txtpro And most fun bikes never owned KTM 500 and Honda crf250x

Reply to Contracts ending in 2019 2/26/2019 1:15 PM

Kenny is staying. Is contract for Moose Can up?

Reply to Easiest/mellowest 450 to ride? 2/21/2019 8:05 AM

Alta, fire sale prices since BRP bought Alta and has no intention of bringing Alta back.

Reply to Trampas Parker censored in ‘89 2/20/2019 10:21 PM

Yes, that slipped by my old brain. Sorry Schmidt is not with us anymore.

Reply to Trampas Parker censored in ‘89 2/20/2019 1:07 PM

Almost won a world championship in all 3 classes at the time. Still great that he won the 125 and 250 classes. No other American has done that.

New thread E-trials motorcycles in the 2024 Olympics 2/19/2019 5:34 PM

3 Spanish medals https://www.morebikes.co.uk/55791/the-fim-is-petitioning-for-trial-e-to-become-an-olympic-sport-aiming-for-paris-2024/

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Reply to In your opinion what OEM has the best factory bike for Supercross? 2/18/2019 1:59 PM

What ever the brand that the best dealership in your area carries.

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I used U-ship. I would use someone with at least 10 reviews.

Reply to Arlington SX - Timed Qualifying Bench Racing 2/16/2019 12:12 PM

Fastest afternoon qualifier gets one point in Endurocross. Adds a bit of incentive.

Reply to AMA’s CBD Competition Bulletin 2/15/2019 4:03 PM

The pro racers need to get organized. Limigate and now hempgate.

Reply to How to deal with Low Ball Offers 2/14/2019 9:54 AM

And add to that “ask your wife before you come to buy the bike”

Reply to 2016-2018 KTM 350 TPS setting 2/13/2019 5:13 PM

Try .62 milli volts. Will run noticeably cooler than at .49 Milli volts.