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The 2002 had a nice balance with gray, white, red and black with the gold Ohlins.

Reply to Ferrandis is a saint compared to Hannah 2/4/2020 10:00 AM

Box vans, 2 strokes and trading paint

Reply to CL BOTD - 88 Cagiva 250 2/1/2020 5:22 PM

That bike rips, seen it race here in Boise at the vintage races.

Reply to 250f too fast and heavy but I’m too big for non full sized bikes 1/29/2020 7:08 PM

One can add a bit of flywheel weight at first on a 125 till getting used to it.

Reply to Garage Workbench Ideas/Plans 1/26/2020 2:11 PM

I was able to use a basement bar counter top a friend was getting rid

An oil pan on top of the yellow 5 gallon pail works good when taking apart a shock. I still need to have some kind of catch on the front underside of the workbench.
Reply to My look back at all the 125 MX bikes I have owned over the last 40 years 1/24/2020 5:57 PM

59 year old 1984 KTM mx 125 great bike 1987 KTM mx125 jack hammer 2005 ZY 125 fun bike, though the forks sucked. 2005 KTM 125SX converted to 144 2010 KTM 150 xc- converted to a 163 2017 KTM 150 xc-w with sx head insert. Bike rips

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Reply to Anaheim 2 Supercross - Timed Qualifying Bench Racing 1/18/2020 6:02 PM

Anaheim was a complete mudder 15 years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKTJXlbfwxI

Reply to Great coverage on Webb and Anderson 1/12/2020 7:56 AM

Raceday live was 90% # 9 and 3 during the 2nd qualifying session. Alot of sponsors would like to see their rider get 20 seconds of air time.

Reply to Do SX/MX team owners make any $$ 1/11/2020 4:43 PM

Tax write off for the advertising department.

Reply to OEMs, FIM, and Feld Meeting Notes? 1/6/2020 8:27 AM

Travel expenses like in F1 would require a huge budget. Would be tough with the small market. FELD would need to open up their wallet very wide.

Reply to Anaheim 1 SX - Night Show Bench Racing 1/4/2020 10:18 PM

Husaberg got 18 points tonight in the manufacturer standings SUPERCROSSANAHEIM 1ANGEL STADIUMROUND 1 OF 16 - JANUARY 4, 2020450SXYamaha 26 261Kawasaki 23 232KTM 21 213Husaberg 18 184Husqvarna 18 185Honda 17 1

Reply to MEC moving from Vegas to SoCal (Carson) 1/4/2020 11:01 AM

If the RBSR is the week after, might get more top level riders competing in both races.

Reply to Should 300 2-strokes be allowed in the AMA 450 class? 12/30/2019 7:04 PM

Lowering the DB level to 90DB at 2 meters will take away the 4 stroke advantage and keep the sport going for awhile longer.

Reply to Easiest to hardest bikes to work on 12/30/2019 3:32 PM

Any PDS KTM 2 stroke on the easy side to a Ducati on the difficult side.

Reply to Tracks near Boise for beginner 12/29/2019 8:39 AM

TVTMA is a great off road club. They have meetings once a month. OMC also has an endurocross and trials area along with a few moto tracks.

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Shorty Interview https://enduro21.com/index.php/rally/4679-andrew-short-interview-dakar-2020-and-riding-smart-to-win-in-rally

New thread Countdown to Dakar 2020 12/21/2019 7:11 AM

Starting in Saudi Arabia January 5. Would be great to see Shorty and Brabec on the box. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuv29VdK1N8

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Reply to Gas Gas future product line up. Crappy resolution 12/19/2019 7:10 PM

I have a 2017 Gas Gas trials bike, happy KTM stepped in. Parts have not been an issue and for sure will only get better. Would be cool if could get orange plastic for my TXT pro.