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Reply to mookie,if only he had that main event start 6/4/2020 6:50 PM

HRC should sign Mookie for next season.

Reply to Best front tire for sandy rough conditions? 5/31/2020 11:01 AM

Shinko 524

Reply to Rather interesting scenario regarding Ktm suspension 5/15/2020 8:43 AM

You want the 2018 and newer outer fork tubes. Much more compliant on sharp edge stuff and also a half a pound lighter for the set.

Reply to Supercross restarting in SLC? 5/14/2020 6:41 PM

Feld is cutting the payout 20%. Will the privateers show up?. I heard that the riders and crew are either at the hotel or at the track or on the buses. Not sure how accurate this is.

Reply to Coronavirus could halt L.A. concerts, sporting events until 2021, Garcetti says 4/16/2020 1:44 PM

Dodgers will be playing in Anaheim Stadium if this happens.

Reply to States w/ Tracks Open 4/16/2020 8:46 AM

OMC in Boise is open.

Reply to Bernie Schreiber 4/15/2020 8:11 AM

Bernie lives in France these days as best as I can tell from FB.

Reply to If you could only have two bikes, what would they be? 4/14/2020 2:13 PM

Gas Gas trials bike and KTM 150xc-w

Reply to Are 21' SX and TC models going FI? 4/13/2020 4:35 PM

The Mikuni is fine once the slide gets cut to a 7.0 and the leaking block jet gasket gets changed. I had a machinist put a carb splitter in the engine side of the slide. Bike pulls a gear taller than my friend's 150 tpi up semi steep hills. Even with

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Reply to Who did Roger DeCoster race against? 4/11/2020 7:48 PM

Trans AMA Was it in 78 when Decoster took Hannah out in the air?

Reply to Are 21' SX and TC models going FI? 4/11/2020 8:46 AM

A friend has a 2020 150 tpi. We did a roll on. My 17 150 xc-w with a worn out piston still pulled him by a few bike lengths. The 150tpi hits red line and the computer retards the timing so no over rev. Plus the tpi is 6 pounds heavier. Cody Webb is happy ... more »

Reply to Best bike for woods and track riding? 4/3/2020 9:34 AM


Reply to The GREATEST Dirt Bike Movie ever made>>>>>> 4/1/2020 6:28 PM

On any Sunday.

Reply to Furloughed Fox Reps & Future of retail sales 4/1/2020 12:51 PM

Hope they got a few weeks severance pay to hold them over before the unemployment checks start showing up.

Reply to Electric powerwashers: junk? 3/29/2020 5:57 PM

350 at Costco, could change stickers to KTM or repaint red and add Gas Gas graphics also.
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Reply to cycling recommendation 3/25/2020 4:33 PM

The is a company in Colorado that makes some very nice cycling gear products. https://www.boure.com/

Reply to Who does the WP to KYB insert conversion? 3/25/2020 7:59 AM

Ohlins TTX cartridge kit with springs is like 1200$

Reply to California Lockdown - Law Enforcement Orders? 3/22/2020 7:17 PM

I use to live in LA county. During the 93 riots there was 7 pm curfew. Maybe time for a curfew again.

Reply to RacerX Boise InterAm April 18-19 has been cancelled 3/22/2020 9:12 AM

Rescheduled to mid October.