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power valve needs resealed, that will bring it up to its potential. I remember on my 87 when the bike would run slower it was time for the power valve to get some attention. Bike was fast for it's time. Suspension was not as good as my 84 KTM 125 for ... more »

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DI is in snowmobiles and outboard motors and Ossa has proved it in the off road arena. KTM/Husqvarna will bring a DI bike out when more of the 4 stroke fad dies down(off-road not mx).

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Rekluse suggests Rotella 15/40. Thousands of 4 stroke engines running this oil with great long term results.

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This jumper has some big money behind him. Paid our state over a million dollars already for the land use rights.

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different subframe, different tank Jason Anderson gets to ride a works bike of sorts here next year. First year exemption rules apply.

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Inside source says it is a done deal.

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looks like fun and a bit of luck, good race man

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who would DM ride for next year? Would want to see a performance clause if I were the team manager and hired DM. Tomac will finish the season up strong IMO.

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International track at the Dunes. They used to rent bikes if you wanted to give dirt bike riding a try.

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We had a BMW/Puch dealership and my brother got to ride one of these bikes. They brought 10 in the country from what I was told. Nice bike to have in a collection. When the mid seventies bikes catch on like the cars, this bike will bring 50k IMO at an ... more »

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why buy something new at 18 years old and throw half the value away plus interest as soon as you leave the dealership, save up and pay cash for a 3-5 year old bike ridden by a senior rider. Old guys got the money to put all the bling on. So you get a ... more »

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Will Seeley move up and take Bam Bam's place for the rest of the season?

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Rode a friend's 13 Husaberg with the 4c forks. They are great, better than an open chamber fork and more plush than a closed chamber fork out of the box. The magazine test riders are spoiled and pampered. Spend more on advertising and the review will ... more »

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Trampas Parker

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here is a link

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Even the Formula One teams have helped the struggling teams and that is cubic dollars.

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last one
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yep, notice how small the foot pegs are. He never used them that much anyway.

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Hope Osborne can make the ISDE and help our team in the special tests.