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Zero sugar cranberry juice, if the supermarket doesn't have it any health food store will.

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Good stuff the accompanying advancements associated with space exploration benefit everybody. Kids should be looking up to these engineers and not some moron on YouTube or instgram.

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Lol classic?. My old man has an 86 like this one and most wouldn't consider that a classic. Purists would say classic is pre 80s

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Pot will be legal at the federal level at some point. The old hard line reefer madness legislators and justice dept hacks will die off.

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Some solid info in this thread. I have seen a few equestrian businesses with Morton barn/office/living space combos. Really nice builds.

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Sorry I should clarify. My comment about Bundy doesn't mean I side with the BLM or the FBI. I do believe however that public land is uniquely American and as an important a right as the 1st and 2nd ammendment. Before this country was established it was ... more »

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The Bundys are just a bunch of squatters and thieves that refused to pay their grazing fees. No different than someone cheating the system to collect disability or unemployment. They're white Cowboys though so everybody wants to hail them is heros.

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I don't think it was anything in the FlIR lens. The reason why those f-18s were in that area in the first place is because the USD Princeton had been tracking the objects on radar for a few days.

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Google stopped building their network due to cost overruns. The same reason Verizon and ATT scaled back FiOs and Uverse. Net Nuetrality was passed 2 years ago the Internet hasn't changed much since 2015. It is not like 2015 was the dark ages.

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The improvements are based on competition and 5g. 5g requires a ton of fiber backhaul which makes an expansion of networks necessary. NN didn't have any bearing on this, network performance and availability is a competitive advantage.

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They are already improving networks. Try to buy a reel of optical cable. The large telcos have bought out all of the major manufacturers for the next several years.

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Anyone ever notice how many Chinese live around Palmdale? Ever notice how China's stealth fighter looks like the F-35. A few months back a Chinese firm even wanted to build a giant statue of Buddha out there. For some strange reason is was gonna be pointed ... more »

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If you haven't already I would call the Department of Wildlife and resources in your state maybe they could put out a bulletin to all the local taxidermists. Did you have the buck tagged? I hope there's a special place in hell for those guys. That's ... more »

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ISPs should have the right to charge large internet companies like Netflix and Amazon more for the use of their network. These companies are turning it around and feeding you the line that you are going get throttled and denied service. This is a fight ... more »

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The National Monument designation was put in place to make it harder to transfer any of the land to state control. Once land gets transfered to the state it inevitably ends up being sold. The monument designation was done as an effort to make this more

... more »
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He was a acquitted by the jury as a political statement. The prosecutor doesn't have to go for a manslaughter charge in order for the jury to find him guilty of it. They could find him guilty of manslaughter even though the prosecutor wants murder 1. ... more »

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Think outside the box....Tijuana Exotic and close at the same time.