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Forgot Nick Evennou

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Brian Johnson

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That’s what I thought. When you said you had carbon material it sounded like you had a sheet and just cut it. I was like how did he bend it, thought you had a trick I needed to know. Build looks great

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How did you bend the carbon or did you make it yourself? Maybe I’m seeing things but it looks like there is a slight bend to the material? Not sure what your cutting and drilling with but I get some clean cuts with a glass diamond blade and I drill it ... more »

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What do you want for the 08 bottomend?

New thread Yz rotor on rm125 1/30/2021 7:57 AM

Anyone know if a yz rear rotor will fit a 2004 rm125. I know the front fits. Has anyone swapped the rears? It looks like the yz uses a 5mm bigger rotor so i may be out of luck. I’m only curious because I want to purchase a ti rotor and they don’t carry ... more »

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I would only run the 8

Reply to 2002 rm125 school project (lot of pictures) 1/14/2021 9:36 AM

I would go for a 2012 or newer. You can use the Suzuki line as well. I believe you can use one as far back as 2009

New thread RCS titanium Shock springs 1/12/2021 1:12 PM

Does anyone have a recommendation on if the old style with one spacer or the new style with two spacers is better. It’s for a Showa shock. I asked the guy from rcs about how spring rates compare to steel and he said get the same spring rate as I would ... more »

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Shock looks identical to one I have sitting in my garage off a 2007

New thread 01-08 rm125 brake lever with ti tip 1/3/2021 6:48 PM

This is a stock lever modified and polished. The brake return spring mount was deleted and material was removed in none critical places to reduce weight. Tip was replaced with a hammerhead titanium tip which is about double the size of stock. Just replaced

... more »

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Getting the rear caliper bracket ready for cerakote. Buffing is not necessary you can just clean it and go straight to sand blast but I like to get it nice and smooth then use 100 grit aluminum oxide media to blast. Incase your curious what I use for

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I do plan on adding all titanium hardware to both calipers including the pistons.

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Since it’s winter and I have not finished this build I decided I’m going to take it much farther then I already have. I’m going to cut as much weight as possible and do some other stuff I have in mind. To start I decided to do ditch the 04 brakes and

... more »
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Maroon I haven’t been able to find any that work as good as the ones from The little ones from Home Depot for a dremel work good they come in two packs ones brown and ones black.

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That guy hauled his bikes in a el Camino to every race at Budds creek and did the track walk in his underwear.

New thread What’s it worth? 12/15/2020 10:57 AM

I am told it’s a 1968 Bridgestone 90 all original

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New thread Bridgestone 90 12/15/2020 9:37 AM

Anyone know anything about these? I got it from it’s original owner still has all the factory stickers and it’s all original as far as I know. I believe he said it’s a 1968 I’m new to vintage stuff but it seems pretty cool

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Langhammx has a lot of that and great to deal with.

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Carson Mumford