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New thread Parting out 2004 rm125 project 7/13/2021 5:31 AM

I hate to do it but I’m parting out my rm project. I will post up prices later when I have time but in the meantime if your interested in anything just ask. It’s a 2004 rm125 everything is new or rebuilt. It has a 05 cylinder ported by Tom Morgan with

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New thread Yz rotor on rm125 1/30/2021 7:57 AM

Anyone know if a yz rear rotor will fit a 2004 rm125. I know the front fits. Has anyone swapped the rears? It looks like the yz uses a 5mm bigger rotor so i may be out of luck. I’m only curious because I want to purchase a ti rotor and they don’t carry ... more »

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New thread RCS titanium Shock springs 1/12/2021 1:12 PM

Does anyone have a recommendation on if the old style with one spacer or the new style with two spacers is better. It’s for a Showa shock. I asked the guy from rcs about how spring rates compare to steel and he said get the same spring rate as I would ... more »

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New thread 01-08 rm125 brake lever with ti tip 1/3/2021 6:48 PM

This is a stock lever modified and polished. The brake return spring mount was deleted and material was removed in none critical places to reduce weight. Tip was replaced with a hammerhead titanium tip which is about double the size of stock. Just replaced

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New thread What’s it worth? 12/15/2020 10:57 AM

I am told it’s a 1968 Bridgestone 90 all original

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New thread Bridgestone 90 12/15/2020 9:37 AM

Anyone know anything about these? I got it from it’s original owner still has all the factory stickers and it’s all original as far as I know. I believe he said it’s a 1968 I’m new to vintage stuff but it seems pretty cool

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New thread WTB: 2005-2007 rm125 carb 11/19/2020 4:45 PM

As the title says looking for a 05 or newer rm125 oem carb. I can’t find one on eBay and I’m looking to go the lectron route I did that on my 04. The 04 and older carbs are different so it needs to be a 05 or newer. Thanks

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New thread Rm125 with ktm carb 10/22/2020 9:16 PM

I have a 04 rm125 that the stock carb was trashed on and before I buy another stock carb I have a few questions. I recently bought a 2018 ktm 250sx mikuni to try. It has a #4 slide which the rm carb had as well. I’m thinking I will try running the stock ... more »

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New thread Yz125 parts compatibility 10/20/2020 1:47 PM

Is the 05 engine any different from now other than a few small changes? I’m looking for a complete motor to bolt up to a 06 frame and all I can find is a 05. I have brand new 2015 cases I would like to use as well and wondering if I will run into any ... more »

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New thread Carb help 10/13/2020 6:32 PM

Anyone know what size slide a 2004 rm125 has stock?

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New thread Looking for a 04 rm125 carb slide 10/13/2020 4:23 PM

As the title says. If anyone knows another carb i can get one off or a place I can buy new let me know.

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New thread What year ktm pegs fit the 04 rm125? 10/11/2020 11:57 AM

As the title says and do I need the ktm springs and pins as well?

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New thread Jd Cdi 9/20/2020 12:22 PM

Anyone know if it’s ok to run It without a map switch and just let the two wires hang? I have a brand new Cdi I got from PCs old stock but it came with no info. I will call pc tomorrow but figured I would ask on here as well. Also does anyone know how ... more »

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New thread Someone with electronics knowledge please help 9/16/2020 3:57 PM

Can anyone walk me through how I can tell if a certain companies map switch would work with another companies Cdi? I have a jd Cdi that did not come with a map switch and I can not find the switch for sale. Jd has not been helpful. I know people use ... more »

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New thread ISO Jd Cdi map switch 9/14/2020 5:19 PM

I’m looking for a map switch for a jd Cdi. I would also be willing to buy the programming stuff as well. If anyone can point me in the right direction where to find this stuff please let me know thanks

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New thread Bleeding brakes? 9/12/2020 9:43 AM

I have new everything on a 04 rm125. I rebuilt the front caliper replaced all hardware and pistons and same thing with the master cylinder. The pads and rotor are new as well. I used the Pryme Mx tool to bleed the brakes it’s a syringe with a line that ... more »

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New thread Hard chrome plating transmission 8/28/2020 3:15 PM

From what I have read it seems like this would be a great option for a serious racer? I’m curious if anyone has done it or has any insight on it. Thanks

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New thread Aftermarket hubs and disk guard mounting please help 8/26/2020 5:28 PM

Does anyone know if they make mounting kits for disk guards used with aftermarket hubs? I used haan hubs on a rm125 build and I compared the acerbis mount kit to the haan wheel spacer and it’s a lot longer. Before I modify the mount I was wondering if ... more »

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New thread Titanium hammerhead brake tip and stock 04 rm125 rear lever 8/21/2020 3:27 PM

For sale I had planned on grinding off the rivets to the stock tip and threading the holes for the ti tip but got the as3 stuff instead. Ti tip is brand new and lever is polished in good shape. I will take $45 shipped

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New thread Running a 110 rear tire on 125 ok? 8/12/2020 1:22 PM

So I have always ran a 100/90/19 on the rear of my 125s. Even with a 2.15 rim I still ran the smaller tire. Would it hurt to run the wider tire? The dealer I buy my tires from said don’t do it. He even gave me a reason why I can’t remember exactly what ... more »

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