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Forgot Nick Evennou

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Brian Johnson

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That’s what I thought. When you said you had carbon material it sounded like you had a sheet and just cut it. I was like how did he bend it, thought you had a trick I needed to know. Build looks great

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How did you bend the carbon or did you make it yourself? Maybe I’m seeing things but it looks like there is a slight bend to the material? Not sure what your cutting and drilling with but I get some clean cuts with a glass diamond blade and I drill it ... more »

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What do you want for the 08 bottomend?

Reply to 2006 RM 125 Spark Plug Heat Level #7 vs #8 1/30/2021 7:51 AM

I would only run the 8

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I would go for a 2012 or newer. You can use the Suzuki line as well. I believe you can use one as far back as 2009

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Shock looks identical to one I have sitting in my garage off a 2007

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How much for the carb?

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Getting the rear caliper bracket ready for cerakote. Buffing is not necessary you can just clean it and go straight to sand blast but I like to get it nice and smooth then use 100 grit aluminum oxide media to blast. Incase your curious what I use for

... more »
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so if you look at the inside of the side plates they protrude in about two inches for the air box vents. Cut them off flush on the inside and it will allow you to push the seat down enough to get the bolts in. It’s a fix if you don’t want to buy another ... more »

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The complete seat that motoseat sells is exactly the same. The only difference I could find is the seat pan is black and the seat brackets are bolted on instead of rivets. I compared them side by side and measured everything. Hope this helps

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I do plan on adding all titanium hardware to both calipers including the pistons.

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Since it’s winter and I have not finished this build I decided I’m going to take it much farther then I already have. I’m going to cut as much weight as possible and do some other stuff I have in mind. To start I decided to do ditch the 04 brakes and

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Maroon I haven’t been able to find any that work as good as the ones from The little ones from Home Depot for a dremel work good they come in two packs ones brown and ones black.

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That guy hauled his bikes in a el Camino to every race at Budds creek and did the track walk in his underwear.

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Langhammx has a lot of that and great to deal with.

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Carson Mumford

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2004 is my favorite I loved watching stew on the 125. I think that’s the year milsaps became pro as well.

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Beautiful! Do you guys do the glacier chrome cerakote?