About Me

Currently working with Hall of Fame legend STEVE WISE on his biography, "Run For The Prize: The Steve Wise Story." Also working on "Poet Warrior" a documentary about the late Raul "Robere" Maldonado, a noted poet and writer from the NYC/NJ area.

Will turn 51 in March 2012 and am in the best shape of my life. Will start bicycle road racing in Spring. But motocross is where it all started and MX is always in my heart.. They say 50 is the new 30...dunno about that but I see a bunch of old dudes no one told they are old still it rocking out.

Live in Noo Yawk with wife and 2 great kids, better people than I was at that age.

I waited 10 years to get my first bike, I was too poor. My friends let me get laps on their bikes in between. Have since written for Hudson Valley Motocross News, Racer X Illustrated (paper), Cycle News, MX East, MX America, mxlarge.com, motonews.com, mxnewsfeed.com. Working on movie script: "Racers Edge."

Currently ride KTMs, Sette bicycles and drive ///AMG Mercedes now. Woo hoo!!!
When God is good to you... PAY IT FORWARD.