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High Voltage Cycles Amped Cycle Co. E-Moto Co. Elite Minis (Maybe emphasis on the “e” E-lite Minis)

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Agreed! Vital is the only form of social media I use. My last year on any platform would have been around 2012. Don’t regret the decision one bit!

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It’s become a popular drop and played multiple times throughout the show in the last few Pulpmx podcasts. The full drop is .... “Yeah We’ll race Ryder D, We’ll get there, We’ll race him when it’s time” (in his best deegan voice)

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You tube some riding technique videos. Practice techniques don’t focus on being fast that will come. When you go out and ride have a purpose. Know what you’re going to work on before you even unload your bike.

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There’s thread after thread, year after year, about poor turn outs at local tracks, too much sitting in the pits and not enough racing. Most tracks seem to run on the hopes that Riders are going to show up. You pay your gate fee, register, and pay for ... more »

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Do you wear a company shirt to work? So do they. The idea of branding is something I can really get on board. Building a brand is more then just slapping a logo on a shirt. It’s all the things you stand for, the skills you have learned, your work ethic, ... more »

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For the program length I’ve often wondered why there are no “little bike days” and “big bike days” maybe not every weekend. But you’d think you could have a Saturday dedicated to the under 18 crowd. And a Sunday for the over 18 crowd. Or a morning program ... more »

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If Larry Enticer and Ronnie Mac had a baby this is the content that would follow.

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Riders that grew up in Mid west and north east bout to be some good fantasy picks!

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Shimoda sendin it!

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My dad always told me “Its not about how much you’s about how much you spend”

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Wait people stopped listening to Fall Out Boy!?!...🤣 I got a chuckle out of it. Even though I may or not be in my mid thirties and may or may not of listened to Fall Out Boy today 😬

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The 250 class structure debate gets beat to death! IMO it’s not a premiere class. It’s a stepping stone to the 450 class. Only the top riders from each coast really make it to the 450 class. That’s evident in the fact of how many guys in the 450 class ... more »

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Because they don’t cut corners when it comes to making burgers!

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I always find a doctor I trust that comes with recommendations and follow their lead. They are the experts. Vital will give a million different answers. I had to stop playing any sort of throwing sport due to torn rotator. But it doesn’t bother me to ... more »

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This guy is Trolling. All his posts are negative and aimed to get a rise. Stop feeding in.

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Not sure your levels of knee pain. For a me a knee sleeve didn’t work. Never found one to fit properly. I started to use KT Tape on and off in a series and doing some leg workouts. That worked for me. The pain/tiredness is almost none existent now. If ... more »

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I could def use this for riding behind the house. That way my wife could let me know when dinners ready. Sometimes I come in too early and have to help finish dinner and set the table.

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This answered my question...cure time and temp. I knew the metal times and temps but not plastic. Then only other question I would have is if you need a plastic adhesion promoter before cerakoting? Or if it will self adhere to plastics?

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At 16 dad would still take me to the races. But gate fees and bike Maintinence costs were on me. On a McDonalds part time salary that became impossible. Think it was his way of quitting racing without telling me we were done. Also his way of teaching ... more »