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It will be my luck they come out with an X model for this year. Just made the switch to a KTM 300 after having some sort of Kawasaki in my garage since 8 years old. Now 32.

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For those of you waiting you’re not alone. Mine were shipped on March 24th. Still currently in transit. No update on shipping In the system since March 25th. Rival Ink has responded any time I had a question or concern and has been great to deal with. ... more »

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I love my 2020 KTM 300XC tpi. The power delivery is awesome. Very linear not a huge hit like the old two strokes. I’m most impressed by the way it gets the power to the ground. The thing hooks up in anything and you can really lug it around through woods. ... more »

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Agreed. I paint cars for a living. If you take an engraved vin number off via sand paper By hand you’ve done one hell of a job! Use something in the 400 grit range by hand and you should be good. Could initially cut it with something a little more coarse ... more »

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Tape off a square around the vin. Sand the material down, then take some sort of pick tool to clean the paint out of the vin. After your vin is visible again apply a thin coat or two of black spray paint.

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Don’t see the Windham race worn flannel?

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Agree with all the championship power sports posts! Jim and the crew were awesome to deal with. Just bought my 2020 300xc from them! Wish they were closer although I’d get in trouble with the wife then! Carry a good selection of gear as well as bikes! ... more »

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In 1996 (8 yrs old) my 2 brothers, step brother, and myself took the seats out of the ford windstar to go snag a 1978 Kawasaki KM100 with our step mother. Through it in the back and we held it instead of tying it down on the way home. Ever since that ... more »

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Helps any one who was injured. Webb, AC, and Jett to name a few. Hurts your points leaders in each class allowing other good riders to recover and possibly take some points away. Will possibly make things more exciting for the fans though.

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Same around here! My good friends own a local bike shop. I’d been talking to them about a new MTB set up and they told me buy now or wait until the 2021 set ups come out, warehouses are running out of bikes. Luckily I was able to get their last trailer ... more »

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I’m just getting into the mountain bike world myself. But I feel like they work suspension wise similar to what a dirt bike does. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. From what you are describing I would bump up the air pressure in the fork. It sounds too ... more »

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Finally decided to get a nice bike! Won’t get to hit the dirt until June 11th. 5 weeks post op, got a screw in my scaphoid. Just got out of a cast and into a splint. 2020 Giant Fathom 1

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Sounds Stewable!

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I believe there’s some stipulations on the air line bailout that they must continue to fly and retain employees. Hence why they are still flying even with virtually empty planes.

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I’d Check valves, throttle position sensor, and high idle setting. Seems to be the things that have made my 11’ KX250F hard starting and rough idling at times.

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I like my current combo 300XC for off-road, 250f for MX. But I could trade the 250f for a 125/150 and be just as happy if not maybe a little more happy!

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My company announced layoffs nationwide on Friday. Started handing them out today.

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Same here. Painter at a big MSO. We were deemed essential and remain open. Indiana goes into lock down at mid night tonight. I will still be able to work but I’m sure the flow of cars will slow. Luckily for my family my wife is the GM at another location ... more »

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Thanks guys! Surgery went well. Now to start recovery! The hospital was definitely strange. Building normally Used for surgery was shut down. Not all doors to get in main building were open. Police presence at entrances that were open. Stay safe everyone! ... more »

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Warned a couple of riding buddies about this as well. As it almost happened to me. Broke my scaphoid (wrist) last Saturday. Surgery was scheduled for next Wednesday. Got moved to today due to Coronavirus precautions as they are cancelling surgery’s for ... more »