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Disassemble helmet Scuff with red or grey scotch brite Wet sand with 800-1000 grit sand paper. If there are any dings/scratches/old paint lines maybe something a little more coarse to clean those up like a 4/600. Tape - anything 3m will do the job. Now ... more »

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Thanks didn’t think of that. Ill give that a shot. I have one just never wear it. Not much of a watch guy!

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Got a polar h10 to help with my fitness training. I have the polar app and understand how to use it for off the bike training my question is.... How do I get, or can I even get my data from riding without having my phone on my bike? Have iPhone if that ... more »

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Red bud is definitely fun! I’ll agree on the red buuuuuud chants getting old....until you hit the 6-8 beer mark then you’re joining in 🤣

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I thought the same thing after getting my 300. I put the map switch on and ride it in the second factory map. Much more enjoyable. Doesn’t rip your damn arms off! 🤣 If it’s a 2020 I believe you can do the same thing by lifting the tank and unplugging ... more »

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2020 300xc tpi championship power sports in Ohio 10k even OTD believe the break down was $9,300+tax,title.

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Congrats OP on the new bike! I’ve got a 2020 300xc and race GP’s with it. Have sections of Mx mixed in. I’ve done up to 60’ doubles and tables with no bottoming and the suspension still soft enough to handle the woods with ease. I’d see no issues with ... more »

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2020 KTM 300XC tpi all stock on the motor w/ factory map switch, cycra pro bend hand guards, axp skid plate, enduro engineering radiator braces, pro taper bars, rival ink graphics. Only things I’d like to add this season (outside of more hours!) is a

... more »
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I get it! That’s why I switched from moto to harescrammbles. Little less risky and I get just as much satisfaction finishing a 1-2 hour harescrammble as I did turning a hot lap years back. Something Strangely satisfying about barley being able to load ... more »

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They say a 2,000 Healthy calorie diet will lose the average male one pound a week. I personally feel 2,000 calories is plenty for the average human and more will see better results at the 12-1500 Healthy calorie range. Also measuring weight loss purely ... more »

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Mine took 3 months. See if they will ship DHL. He was going to recut me a new set and ship DHL if they weren’t here by July 3rd. Just got them Monday ordered 3/26 😬 Australia post is what’s messed up from the sounds of it.

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Guy at work is vegan and he does not eat very healthy. Just being vegan doesn’t mean you are doing your body a service they can still eat a lot of junk. I cut soda, sweets, bread and keep pasta to a minimum (I can’t give it up completely) gym 2x’s a ... more »

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I just received my graphics from Rival Ink. Not on the bike yet but they look good! They were great to deal with. Right now shipping out of Australia sucks so it took a long while to receive them. But they kept me updated as much as they could and were ... more »

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That’s what we have. 10.5 Mostly wooded acres. Built an Mx track on the acre of field and trails through out the rest. It’s worked out really well! Now I have friends with kids that come over to Ride and enjoy the property along with some riding buddies. ... more »

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Now 32 came back to riding after 12 years off. At 19 I broke my leg in the beginning of my apprenticeship to learn my craft as an automotive painter. Buckled down and stepped away to focus on my career. Finally at 31 I was financially stable, built the ... more »

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Personal opinion...yes! I spend money on tires, suspension and handlebar set ups before all else. All equate to being more comfortable, which equates to being more confident. When you’re comfortable and confident you can ride faster. After all that...looks! ... more »

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Nac-nacs, no footed cans, nothings, suicide no handers, super-man seat grabs, whips and some good old fashion Mx.....aaahhhh the good ol’ days!

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My riding buddy is on a 19’ RMZ. Around the 150lb mark. He resprung it for his weight and is loving it. He did agree with all the reviews of it being way too stiff from the factory. He rides 40+

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We talk more crap to each other in our Sunday beer league hockey games than these guys do...who are at the top of their game, more competitive than most, and banging bars week in and week out. Also some of which have had rivalries that go back to the ... more »

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Ferrandis has them covered. But most excited to see the Lawrence brothers mainly Jett. Excited to watch him come through the ranks. I like his Personality, speed, and style.