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So I’m not crazy in my thought that the 20’ XC fork is very inconsistent? I can’t find a setting I like from day to day. I’ll think I have it...set it the same way the next day and hate it. I had my 11’ KX250F front fork more dialed than I can get this ... more »

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Never went anywhere with racing moto. Won locally quite a bit on 80’s and my first and only 125 race. Dad never took us to big events. We just did it for family fun. My claim to fame would be painting cars. I paint for a big national chain. High school ... more »

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Stunt rode myself back in the day. Probably around 2008-09. Was at a lot in Indy with Sit down Steve from street fighters, twite, borne, Graham, and Kyle Sliger to name drop a few of the bigger names that were there that day. We all got kicked out of ... more »

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Always know bugs me if I don’t. Outside of gauging speed for jumps I like to use gear counting for improvements on speed. I may start the day hitting a corner in second and finish the day wound out in third. Or start the day in third and end up in fourth. ... more »

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Will miss seeing Kenny out there. But glad he is doing. Hope this helps him heal up. And gets to enjoy some time with the family and new addition! Good timing for him. It will be a weird season any how. I’ve wanted to see Craig on a 450 and Kroc to be ... more »

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Might have to look into the Flexx bars if my numbness issue doesn’t go away. Have a few things I was going to try before swapping bars but that was a thought if all else fails.

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I cannot comment on the TX other than I was leaning towards the husky until I sat on it. The seat and shrouds are a little wider than the XC. Being short I liked the feel of the XC a lot better so I left with a KTM. If it wasn’t for that I was going ... more »

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I used to get arm pump in both arms pre broken wrist and on my 11’ KX250F with a clutch that felt like squeezing a brick! Now I’m on a 20’ KTM and don’t get any arm pump in my left arm. My right hand has been going numb after about a half hour (race ... more »

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Yup! I broke my right wrist but now wear them on both. I had the motion limited on throttle side for the first few weeks after I was released and I did notice it but didn’t affect my riding. Just could tell I had it on. Now that I don’t have the movement ... more »

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A lot wrist breaks come from hyper extension of the wrist. Not actually just falling on it. The mobius helps to reduce hyper extension the way it tightens Itself as your wrist moves back. Will it totally prevent a wrist break no. Just like guys still ... more »

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Been back on the bike for 2 months after fractured scaphoid and surgery. From the research I did into wrist braces the mobius are for both. I’ve got all my range of motion and strength back and still wear them in hopes they will help prevent the same ... more »

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Believe it was the #1 bike in 250B I remember thinking now that’s how to talk on the podium! thanked Dunlop for “hooking him up” racetech for “helping him around the track” his motor builder for getting him the “power he needed” whatever goggles he ran ... more »

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Good news!! I switched to the off brand stuff. But if they are going to support our sport I’ll make the switch back! I have a knee that likes to feel tired from time to time KT tape works wonders for it. Wife used it to help recover from elbow surgery. ... more »

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Didn’t know this was hoping to catch Mini Sr 1 this morning 😩

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I’d lean more towards a kx65 if wanting a race bike. But being a first bike maybe even a klx110. My buddies boy has been riding for 3 seasons now (not competitively) he’s 8 Going on 9 soon and of average height. He rides his 110 well coming off a crf50. ... more »

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Dang that’s where I bought my bike this winter. Good people over there. I’m not too far from there, what else got taken? I’ll keep an eye out around here.

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That’s the process I was trying to figure out! Thanks! I took a work out arm band and strapped my phone to my bar pad this weekend. That worked pretty well could look down and see your data and times. But in a get off the phone might not fair too well! ... more »

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I prefer number plates off the bike if alignment isn’t an issue. Shrouds and fenders on. If number plates need to match up for lines or designs to look right then I keep everything on. Depending on bike take the seat off. I use a solution designed for ... more »

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MotoPlex northern Indiana 19 years old Broke my leg at a night practice. Didn’t know yet tried to load the bike, leg gave out, bike on top of me half in my ranger half out. Some guys in the pits ran to help. Got me in my truck and the bike loaded. Started ... more »

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I feel your pain! Bought my first new bike this season. 2020 300xc. Had 1.9 hours on it before I flipped it doing a wheelie and instead of letting go tried to hang on and save it...I’ve done thousands of wheelies but I knew better on a new bike...also ... more »