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Shots of Masterpool were sick! Kid can rip!!!

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Yes it is. TP199’s for the win! It’s basically a compression sleeve style knee brace with hard external padding. Edit: just felt my 199’s the knee pad is hard but flexible. Hard to describe. Not sure what it is. But it offers great protection.

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Dang from the comments I expected Way worse. Thing looks pretty good for 250,000 miles of Michigan roads. Y’all Must not be from around here. My 91’ ford bedsides are hanging on for dear life and she’s still purrin’ like a kitten!

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Personally I don’t think I’ve ever broke a bone and not been in a cast for at least 6-8 weeks. Recovery was always 2-3 months. Just had a screw put in my scaphoid 8 weeks cast, 1 month splint w/ stretching and rehab. Was back on the bike in 3 months ... more »

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Pretty much as said here. Only thing I’ll add is to Make sure to use a finer sand paper maybe in the 600-800 grit range and wet sand not dry sand. It will help from the plastic fraying and looking like a chia pet!

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I went from a KX250F to a 300 XC this year. Took me a minute but I now love the XC. It’s a different riding style that’s for sure. I carry more momentum, stand up a lot more, and ride more flowing than I did on the 4t. It doesn’t mind being lugged there ... more »

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My boy is 10 months old. I’m not far enough away from the first 3 months of parent hood to forget it 🤣 Its a crazy time learning a new way of life! The other thing I never thought of before becoming a parent (not to be too dark here) is death. If it’s ... more »

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EVS TP199’s for the win!

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Log road is hour and a half east. Might be too far and Not sure if they are running tomorrow or not. One of my favorite tracks.

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My Caps are out! Playoff hockey is great! I ride moto in the summer play beer league hockey in the winter. So long as one of the two is on I’m good to go!

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Will litpro app work with the Polar ignite? Trying to decide which to buy. So far It looks like the ignite does everything else I need it to.

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They would have successfully forced me to buy gold pass already....if I had internet. Satellite tv is all I get out here In the sticks. So I’m with you OP it sucks that we can’t get a decent air time for moto. Believe it or not there are still people ... more »

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I like the RV/Toy Hauler idea as lots of moto families have rv’s. CAT, John Deere, Kubota etc...Lot of moto guys that have their own private tracks and even locally owned public tracks use something to move dirt besides a shovel! Those would be some ... more »

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At first I thought the same thing. As I race harescrammbles and actually enjoy an occasional mud race. Kind of have to here in Indiana. I’m not super fast by any means but I do tend to finish better in the mud. Enjoyed riding it as a kid. Dad didn’t ... more »

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Broke my scaphoid throttle side this spring. I now wear them on both wrists. First few rides of rehabbing had it cranked down pretty good. Now I wear them and little more loose. Don’t/won’t ride without them now. I don’t notice a difference in my riding ... more »

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I should probably asterisk mine as a thought of if whole stable is healthy! Id put monster at second being that AC and Forkner are wreckers or checkers at this point. If it weren’t for that I’d reevaluate

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I’m taking team Red Bull for consistency. Rockstar lacks the fire power. Monster has some riders that can do well...but also has some riders that could potentially bomb it. Team PBR...well we’ve all seen what’s happened to Ronnie over the last few years ... more »

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As others said maybe give a trim. But just wanted to add as I use it for my knee try a couple different ways. There is one way that really helps me and others that don’t do anything. Lots of info out there on different ways to apply it. I do two strips ... more »

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I sent a welcome Melanie hooked me up with a nice discount for my next purchase! 🤘

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I’ll throw my best setting yet out there... Bleeding the air I will do more (thanks tuna) I do it but maybe not enough. Rider Weight : 160lbs Rear shock Sag 103mm Comp 12 out Reb 14 out Front Fork 125 psi Comp 14 out Reb 14 out Tires stock 12.5 front ... more »