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Know your pain all too well! I I ordered mine before I broke my wrist. I was back on the bike before they came. I was off the bike for 14 weeks. They responded to all my questions and were even willing to cut me new ones and ship DHL if I wanted. I held ... more »

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Thanks for the info. I’ll try to set something up to stop for a top off. Not sure how all that works but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Sounds like you just stop any where on the course for amateurs?

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Question for the both of you... Will I need to pit for fuel? Doing the morning 2 hour on a 2020 KTM 300xc tpi. I feel like I’ve road for 2 plus hours on a tank but I’ve never really paid attention and may not have been at a race pace those whole two ... more »

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Believe it was $2 million. Don’t quote me but pretty sure that’s what a couple of the podcasts had said. Someone with a little more insider info may be able to confirm.

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My son is only 11 months so I can’t tell you how I’ll feel about injuries yet. What I can say having just come back from a broken wrist earlier this season is...this is a good learning opportunity for the both of you. Teach him how to properly recovery ... more »

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Do not over look the Romanian deadlift and leg curls. These target the rear of the leg muscles “hamstrings”. Standard squats/deadlifts target the front “Quads”. A leg day should have squats or deadlifts, calf extensions, and Romanian dead lifts or leg ... more »

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For strength - squats, dead lifts, Romanian dead lifts, leg curl, calf raises. Cardio - rowing, running, stationary bike, mtb/road bike. Cardio should be minimum 20 minutes a session. Aim for 30+. I like running or rowing for more intense cardio sessions. ... more »

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He’s still fast! I run a local GP series with him. Live not to far from him and have rode at his house in Columbia City. Would like to take one of his riding schools. I know I’m riding well if Connie doesn’t lap me!

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MXGP can also modify their frames. I would think this would lead to pretty drastically different suspension settings being available.

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Gieco pulling out of the sport And Dungee coming back to the sport was another. Those are the biggest two things I can think of.

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Have air forks in my 20’ 300xc. Hated them at first. Now approaching the 20 hour mark I’m starting to get them figured out. Once I moved the Forks up to 3rd line in triples and swapped out the stock tires for some SC5’s I’ve now been able to get it to ... more »

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Polar H10 strap w/ any of the other above mentioned watches in combination. For me it’s polar h10 strap w/ polar ignite watch

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We are headed down from Fort Wayne. Thanks for the tip we will be headed down early Friday but the Wife wasn’t keen on tent camping that late in October! So we got a hotel not to far from there. I’ve tried digging to find the info on walking the course. ... more »

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Thinking about it and I’m actually surprised tracks don’t already have rules like this in place that are posted at registration for everyone to see. And at the track owner/promoters digression to enforce dq’s or suspensions for negligent riding albeit ... more »

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Good luck to you as well! I’m looking forward to it. Wife and I are making an extended kid free weekend out of it! Not sure what to expect other than probably cold, mud, and extreme exhaustion. I’ve been training but not sure much can prepare you for ... more »

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Another one for EVS TP199’s awesome protection with a little added support!

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Crusty Demons of Dirt especially 4 God Bless the Freaks. Its all my brothers and I would watch on Friday night to get pumped before a weekend of racing. The song in the beginning of 4 “Metallica Fuel” always brings me back to those days.

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4 weeks until ironman any one running it!?! I’ll be running it for my first ever GNCC in sportsman B.

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#113 I’ve always been #13 for sports. My now 10 month old Boy took 5 years of doctors visits and amounts of money I won’t speak of to bring into this world. During the IVF process each egg/embryo is numbered. We ended up with 5 healthy embryos viable ... more »