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Looking to have some suspension work done over the winter. Does any one have any experience with the Pro-Action Hybrid Fork? What I’d like to get better with the suspension is...falling into the corner a little easier, get rid of the inconsistent feel ... more »

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Can any one name the last time PC Kawasaki didn’t have a rider that could contend for the title? McGrath Carmichael Pourcel Villopoto Tedesco Langston Bagget Wilson Weimer Savagty AC Tickle Forkner Wey Hill That pretty much covers the last 20 years at ... more »

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Check out Babbitts in Muskegon. Online says they have a 2020 KX450 for $9,300, a 2021 KX450 for $9,600, and a 2021 klx110 for $2,350.

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O boy! Grab some popcorn and do some JLaw googling! There some good stuff out there! You’ll find out why it says let JLaw ride real quick!

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I had a blast in my early teens. (2000) Some of My best memories with my dad. But I just got back on the bike last year at 31 and I’ve been having some of the best times learning the sport and things I didn’t know back then with technique and fitness. ... more »

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Who doesn’t get drunk on fireball!?! Tristan must be a bummer at parties.

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Starting to know lots of people testing positive. All have mild to no symptoms. Most common symptom is headache and/or loss of taste and smell.

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Autobody is on the climb. Our location still isn’t back to pre Covid numbers (And not sure it will ever be but that’s due to other circumstances as well) but thank god. Our shop used to be so busy you couldn’t get everything done if you worked 24/7. ... more »

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The way we were explained it by the doctors was...your lung has a bunch of tiny air sacs that can burst for numerous reasons. (Common at birth that the baby inhales water and fills the air sacs with liquid causing them to burst) When they burst they ... more »

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My son (now 11 months) was born with pneumothorax. Most joyous moment of my life brought to reality real quick when NICU starts rolling in the room, doctors start shoving tubes down your new borns throat, and pounding him on the back. Spent a week in ... more »

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I cracked mine straight up and down when I was 19. Now 32. Non weight bearing for 2 months. Then a month in a walking boot. I got really good at ATV off road fury. I can tell you I have zero issues with it now. And don’t remember any issues once the ... more »

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Hartranft...his verbiage was in reference to the misspelling in your title.

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I raced a kid. Got back into it at 31 on a 250f raced C class off road. Dead last my first few motos. Then got it together to end up Winning my local series. Moved to B class and am now mid pack B rider. It’s possible with good fitness and technique. ... more »

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I believe it to be Scott Prospects. I have them w/ roll offs and they work really well. Would highly recommend.

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Dang heck yeah you did! I nearly started dead last. Unless I get a jump like you got I normally back out. Not worth the carnage that ensues. You had a good line too! I was prolly just a few bikes to your left.

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I have Oakley Oframes $30, mayhems $60, crowbars $80 and Scott Prospects $110. I can say I feel the difference In the prospect to the other 3. They are a really nice goggle and you can tell all the things said above about them. But all do the job. Crowbars ... more »

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I started row 6. Axell was two rows behind me. So row 8. Passed me about 3 miles in. First time I was okay with being passed in my life 🤣

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Well I survived my first GNCC. 42nd out of 66 in sportsman B 25+. 273rd overall of 906. Completed 4 laps and managed to stay on lead lap. Was 35th starting final lap. Got a flat front 2 miles in and rode it out. Dropped 7 spots but managed to finish. ... more »

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No interest in the KX250x? Reason for asking some of your cons on the lists the KX has. Hydraulic clutch being one. Down side only a Mx sized fuel tank. It would need an aftermarket to get by in a 2 hour race. Keefer has the review up on his podcast. ... more »

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Will be interesting to see his results!! Should be fun to watch as well. I’m all loaded up and headed there now!