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What are you looking for in this? A shift for me in hockey is a minute thirty, followed by a minute thirty rest, then back at it. Heart rate spikes to 200+ for the shift and back down to around 140 before the next shift. Is that good or bad? I know I’m ... more »

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The closest thing I get to my MHR during a moto is ice hockey. During a 1 hour moto I will have a MHR of 205, average of 175 and spend 1 hour in zone 5. During a 1 hour hockey game I will have a max of 208, average of 171 and spend 40 minutes in zone ... more »

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Kenny looks comfortable Or Kenny still has fitness issues

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fox legion gear set, and a polar vantage M fitness watch.

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Klotz is my favorite. Even run it in the chain saw, leaf blower, and weed eater! Just to get that race day smell while doing yard work!

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I think he’s referencing Marx of pulp Mx....but I think it’s talon, tits, or Trevor one of those guys (hell all those might be the same name for one of them, can’t keep them straight 🤣) that does concrete work now. Not Marxs.

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According to Pulp Ferrandis will be ready for H1.

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So off road riders are it!

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30+ B Try to race 6-off-road events a season. Comes out to about once a month that I try to race during the season. Other than that just ride my off-road course around the house. Raced from age 8-15. Road for fun from 16-19. Took a break and road street ... more »

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We started with 4 boys on a 78’ idea how we made it work, but we did for a while. Probably because the other 3 were running around picking the bike and brother riding off the ground every 10 seconds. That thing was a tank!

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I had a good run as a kid. Road from 8 to 19 years old. Didn’t break anything until I Broke my leg when I was 19. Hung it up until I was 30. Broke wrist at 31. I have some “rules” that I try to follow and I wasn’t following them that day I broke my wrist. ... more »

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I race off-road and like to consume 100 calories per hour before a moto. So I eat a 400 calorie breakfast 4 hours before my first gate drop. Consisting Of 3 eggs, banana, yogurt and/or a protein shake. On the way to the track I consume 24oz of water ... more »

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125 feeder class 125-250cc east/west 450 open

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160 off bike 180’s on I was 173 with a broken wrist to start the season. Dropped to 157 once I got back on the bike and back to training. I’m now in hibernation w/ winter here and in the gym trying to get to 165 (of good weight) before spring. I found ... more »

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Almost there.... Edit: WE DID IT!

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I’m in!!! That thing is sweet! My favorite rider and my size!

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EVS TP-199’s for the win

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Hopefully Marion County (Indy) doesn’t become deemed a “red” county by Jan. 16th. With Holcombs new executive order once you’ve been deemed a “red” county you’re limited to sporting events and tournaments below 100 participants and no spectators from ... more »

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Broke my scaphoid late last winter. Had surgery. Same time tables as you 6 week cast 6 week splint. While I was in the splint I was allowed to begin stretches so by the time I was released I had 70% mobility back. Was released by the doctor on a Thursday ... more »

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At one point in time (no idea of the backstory or why maybe someone with knowledge can chime in) Suzuki and Kawasaki seemed to have some sort of partnership/relationship. My 04’ KFX 400 was essentially a Suzuki LTZ400 w/ green plastics. Some parts were ... more »