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I ride in northern Indiana. Run the Michelin SC5 mediums and like them. My track at my house has everything. Set up like a gp for what I race. I have hard pack, mud, and some nice dirt in the wood sections. I hook up any where I need. I road a sandy ... more »

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CRC freeze off works miracles!

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Welds looks little brother used to crack his frame all the time on his kx65. He didn’t believe in landing ramps just sent it! Dad was always welding that thing!!!

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I Ride a 11’ Kx250f I’m due for a new chain and sprockets. While I’m at it I’d like to change the gearing. I race Grand Prix which are mostly woods with little mx. I find myself wanting to be at the top of first and bottom of second in the woods. Which ... more »

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This is great! My mom never came to the races. Parents were divorced. Mom said dad was trying to kill us boys so he didn’t have to pay child support any more! ??? My wife is pregnant with our first. It’s a boy hopefully his mom is standing track side ... more »

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I have an 11’ Kx250f. I’m 5’6” 165lbs no I can’t stand flat footed or anything but it fits me well. I’m comfortable on it. Just rode a buddies 15’ crf250 and thought it was giagantic feeling compared to my bike.

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Holy arm pump!

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Thank you for checking! I moved my setting to as soft as it can go and Now i get the correct amount of sag. I’m un able to ride due to the rain though to see how I like it. Something seems off with these forks though they aren’t smooth at all. Get a ... more »

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I’m on the gray boat. Or is it grey!?! Either way I like it!

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We always called them double table tops. Single jump to table top landing. This id call a triple table top. 2 singles to table top landing. Always felt the double table tops were a bit bigger than actual doubles. So adding tabletop on the end gives it ... more »

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It’s on NBCSN here live at 10pm. 10pm-1am is what time us folks in the Mid-west have to watch the west coast races. I just dvr them stay off vital and watch Sunday morning with my coffee! I can’t stay up that late.

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I thought about that or going to 2.5wt oil maybe? Before I tear down I’m going to soften the pre load all the way and see how that feels. I still have room to go there. Just learning these forks and the rainy weather isn’t helping! Have 3 weeks to get ... more »

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+1 i have zero social media as well

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I’d be interested if it’s in the specs I just listed above. Let me know!

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Is their calculator correct? Rider weight = 165lbs Stock .93kg MX = .84kg Single track/gncc = .79kg They offer .85kg and .80kg leaning towards the .8 as I want a softer front end but would this be too soft? Never gotten a spring before always just made ... more »

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Apparently Sexton has never seen a Jason Lawerence race!

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Need to put new fork seals on my 11’ Kx250f. Whie I’m in there I’d like to put a new spring for my weight and riding ability/style. Front end is a little harsh and I have no idea what set up is in there currently. Looks to be that forks have been rebuilt ... more »

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Just had to didn’t you! I’m currently only allowed to purchase items i “need” for the bike! Funny my dad used to tell us kids graphics and gold wheels don’t make you faster. Now My wife tells me the same thing! But they look soo sweet tho!!!

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98’ KX100 was pretty done up. Thing was sweet.

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I play hockey every Sunday in a men’s league through the winter months. Great work out and really fun. Been skating 8 years and no serious injuries. Tweaked my knee once, my fault went knee on knee with someone because my competitive nature came out ... more »