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How dare you bring such logic and science to a thread like this! Faster bikes that weigh more and more technical tracks equal more energy. It's part of the sport and if you don't like it GTFO. The riders know the risks before committing to racing it's ... more »

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Hit the guy up and see if he responds. Kind of creepy you came here to ask for help instead of reaching out to him directly.

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Oh I can only hope this is a new category for any post about the Stewart's. Or any post that ends up about them.

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He took a brutal slam however he was all over that start straight before getting the replay it look as if maybe the landing of a jump made Osby loose contact with the ground for a second. I could be wrong though.

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Thank you sir!

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Sweet mother of pearl that looks like an amazing track! Have any videos of this place being ridden?

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Transworld just did a check out my bike video with AC. In that video he mentioned the practice bike having parts that anyone can buy and the race bike being much faster and tricked out. I'm sure they are still running their amazing suspensions that not ... more »

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I won't disagree with the comment about Bogle. I would just expect Malcolm to look like he is in better riding shape having that long off season and all. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve a ride but prove to us for a few rounds you can push forward and ... more »

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This thread needs a one way ticket to the Dumdgeon. Enough with the Mookie needs a ride stuff already. He isn't in shape and has had all the time in the world to get that way.

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I loved the game just wish I had a PC that supported running the game at a higher level! The physics are great there are some BS things in it though. You seem to float to easily while jumping but they might have updated that since I haven't played in ... more »

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Ignoring his story and injury would be absolutely foolish. He is back to the top of the sport like it never happened. Is he at the level he was before? I say no but that might just be because the competition stepped it up last year after he was out. ... more »

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He said in the Transworld video they just put on youtube it is possible he races X-games. Right around the 40 second mark of this video is where you can hear it at.

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Boo. Give it to someone more deserving and with some fire in their belly.

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He is going to win or wreck giving it his all. I personally hope he wins and stays healthy all season to help give the sport some life this season. He isn't just a robot going out and riding at unbelievable speeds and spewing sponsors names for them. ... more »

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Makes me wonder if this will be a Daytona bike for a one ride wonder to try and snag a ride for outdoors?

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He looked out of the shape in the videos they've posted to me. He has shown little if any interest in racing to the public eye so I'm going to guess they'll pass over him for a privateer who shows interest in riding. That is if they even require a fill ... more »

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Thank goodness now. I hope they keep the same package deal with the MX series for viewing. I couldn't stand watching the moto's on MavTV I would just delete them.

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The more you are able to ride on a track with some jumps the better off you will be. I raced from the age of 4 until I was 17 and then got out of the sport for 4 years. The first couple of rides back I was timid about jumping but now it's like I never ... more »

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I have plates and screws in my left arm. As soon as the doctor released me I went racing. I cased a bid double and bent my plate. I now have a plate on the top and bottom of my forearm bones. All good though still ride to this day! I also broke my left ... more »

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Interesting take on the move to big bikes for supercross. Do the riders avoid doing what Carmichael suggest so they are more prepared for the outdoors on their contracted machine for the summer?

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