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Diesel has gone up 0.50$/gal here in the last 10 days locally near me in CNY

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Glad to see KTM buying American, tools made in Pittsburgh no less!

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Just go buy the cheapest one you can get at home depot or any box store . Seriously. I know you are after a good engine, but the no name brand engine will last longer than the pump. And the pump is gonna be the same between a honda unit and a no name ... more »

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I dont think he's giving any money back, but its easy to sit here on the other side of the fence with no dog in the fight and tell people what to do. If it was so easy to get your stuff or money back like MXB2 is suggesting, he should put his money where ... more »

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Put your money where your mouth is- EJRACING said he would provide a percentage of money returned to him from Varner to whomever helps him get it, and some compensation for time/parts. Pretend its your stuff your entitled to and make it happen then.......... ... more »

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I’ve got one from a yz/kx, it needs a metering block though. Let me know if you’re interested

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if you're just fitting RMZ lugs designed for your bike to the KXF fork, the axle offset will be the same as the RMZ where the lugs came from.

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That dealer is full of crap, and super sleazy. dealer prerogative to market adjust their pricing.

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You'll get a temp tag, and if AZ has no sales tax, you will just owe the sales tax to your lovely state when you register it there. Not sure how California works but in our heavily taxed state of NY, you only pay tax on the difference between your trade ... more »

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Have gone from a 2018 (purchased new) to a new 2020, new 2021, to shortly a new 2022. depreciation on 18 was about 3,000$ from day i bought new. 2020 drove for 9 months put 12k on it, trade in was what I paid (plus supplier and rebates on 2021) leaving ... more »

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If the bike is mapped for U4.4 appropriately, it will run like pretty rich after the fuel has had some time to vent to atmosphere.

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Enough to Ping on pump gas in a stock yz250 due to squish as delivered from factory....

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The map is not stored on the coupler. Thats just a jumper of sense. The 3 physical maps are internal to the ECU, and the plug just dictates which one the ECU runs on.

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I'm not sure whats worse - the Fact that you dont think that there are plenty of people in this world that could easily circumvent the dealer software before lunch, or that the bikes were stolen.

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conveniently a motocross injury put an end to hockey at the collegiate level here, just after my last season of Jr A. Wouldnt trade the friends made attending various schools ect for anything.

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I did my stock head myself to get the correct squish, followed with some massaging to the bowl to get most of the volume back that I lost when removing material from the face. Then I decided to have some cylinder work done, and after 6 months of dealing ... more »

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For the 225$ it cost for an apex head, why not just spend the small bit extra and send the cylinder + head to tom morgan?

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I've got the complete wiseco Basket/hub/Plate in my YZ250, with a works connection perch setup. I will not use anything other than OEM cable. Yes more expensive but its smooth as heck. It pulls just as light if not lighter than my 19 kx450 with OEM hydro ... more »

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I think another thing left out is, that most of the guys riding Green probably have the team green program, so if they are actually buying bikes (not just a loaner from a dealer), they get 1500$ added to their contingency card regardless of purchase ... more »

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Do the new ones come with rubber mounted bar posts? I have 450 clamps on mine to be able to fit some 49mm showa forks but the stock ones were not rubber mounted posts (2013). Loosen your engine mounts and look to see if there is any gap between engine ... more »