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Another Vote for Tom Morgan here. Great support, Great communication, Professional, Actually delivered ahead of deadline he promised. I dont care if I could of MAYBE gained 1 hp more using somebody else. I got my parts back in a timely fashion, he was ... more »

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im not familiar with that "mx tech national shock". Whats the body look like? In order to fit an 06-18 kx450 / 06-19 or 20 250f showa kit shock you need to break out the grinder on the upper shock mount or grind the body, enough that PC is just sticking ... more »

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excessive blow by from rings or plugged crank case vent (or a combination of the two ) some kind of high pressure rad cap that is allowing the seal to go before it pops off relieving pressure (head gasket leak)

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Super curious to your opinion the 3.5L being so much better than the 2.7L? I generally trade in my 2500 HD LTZ crew cab standard box duramax every 2-3 Years. usually around 30-40k miles. Wait for incentives, buy at 20% Off MSRP, and the trade in is generally ... more »

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Anything aluminum in the northeast is CRAZY money. Snowmobile guys spend big bucks on trailers. I was looking to upgrade from a 2 place to a 4 place, and I snagged a steal on a 20+4 ft v deck over 4 place at 3500, it was 2002 model. The resale is also ... more »

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Pretty sure it all old stock, previous year models on discount, which is par for the course.

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Bought a few general wear parts for both bikes, and a few general items for the 3 stand up jetskis i've got in the garage. No Tracks open in NY so saving money because cant ride. Worked from home for a few weeks and now back to working in the office. ... more »

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Jerry at aluminart does a good job, but I would not be looking to him for a "repair" of the inside of a scored tube. Honestly, you should be able to pick up a set of older gen 49mm dual spring a kit forks for 1000$. Anything more than that is crazy, ... more »

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I used Tom Morgan. I was one of the folks who published with explicit details of my horror experience with Harris, facts that could not be refuted. Morgan stepped up, was beyond professional, delivered in less time than promised, Did everything he could ... more »

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I had the ground cable fastener come loose and do exactly as you described. My battery was all of shot and would not hold a charge with 24 hrs on the bike.

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Yes - they will fit.

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Glad to hear it sounds like he's maybe turning things around!

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Crazy, didnt realize he ventured into the graphics business. He's pretty well known for misrepresenting parts and burning people.

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Is this graphics fella of yours from NY by chance?

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What am I missing that you couldnt unthread the cable from the throttle body, install a lock nut, then re assemble?

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I've got the two i'd want - 19 kx450 , and a yz250 with some TMR work and showa 49mm forks / kit shock. I only ride moto though so its just a "loamy or hardpack" decision to which will get the nod.

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Similar problems with starter clutches , and chain failures causing valve and piston contact in sub 20 hours on a good friends 18 yz450. Yamaha covered parts for the engine rebuild (head/valves/chain/cams/crank/piston) were all junk , but made him pay ... more »

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I wish there was a popcorn emoji -

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I take this approach with every wheel I build - However I would recommend doing every fourth spoke, so you are keeping it centered. Tighten one, then one spoke , two spoke, tighten third spoke, repeat. I dont bother with a torque wrench after the wheels ... more »