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Testing is carried out with oil temps above what you're showing here. I wouldnt be worried until 270+. If you saw some of the durability cycles things run, you'd think your drive cycle was similar to a grams heading to get groceries for the week after ... more »

Started new thread YZ250 fork length info needed 8/1/2020 4:22 PM

Can anyone with a YZ250 measure the overall fork length? I misplaced my measurements, and my 13 SSS forks have been sold. Trying to insure I get the showa forks I installed to the proper length. Thanks

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we did the hinson clutch cover on my project bike with the laser engraver to add my #. Came out decent.

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Does your generator have a 30 amp camper style plug or are you using an adaptor chord and plugging it into a 20 outlet house style plug? If you end up needing to buy one to run what you need, I would highly recommend the Westinghouse I bought 2 years ... more »

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Just record the session on the monitor itself. With the polar app. Start and stop from phone and when you’ hit stop it’ll ask you if you want to save the data. Kinda sucks tho starting it and then waiting in staging before a moto.

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i was goign to buy a bike in canada few years ago, exchange rate wasnt AS good as it is now, but still would of saved me 500$. Kicker was, you couldnt earn contingency at american races with a canadian purchased bike. I made more than 500 in contingency ... more »

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Because Yamaha has had quite the track record of "quality" over the past few years. I'd venture to say they have had more blunders lately than kawasaki. To the OP, the 19+ engine is just noisy. Its the valve train.

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Contact fox directly and maybe they'll help you out. Thats where i got the small circle piece and a few other pieces that kept falling out of my white gen 1 instinct boots back in the day from. they usually didnt bother to charge for them

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good choice on the DLC shaft - the TiNi wears super fast on shock shafts in my experience. Bike looks sweet, and Tom is a standup guy with amazing service and communication. Other engine builders should take a class from him on professionalism!

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I have the 21.5 with stock linkage. I like them, I had 21.5 on my 16-18 model as well with 49mm showa kit spring forks. I noticed I do have to make clicker changes between stock 23 and ride 21.5. Probably different loading of the fork.

Started new thread Showa 49mm 0.49kg fork springs 6/16/2020 5:09 AM

Showa 49mm fork springs - 0.49kg. 472mm Length. 50$ shipped.

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and about 8 grams of powder after the first ride in NY after the rocks start claiming their fair share of it. Leave it alone or lace some anodized rims in the color of your choice.

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I traded in my 2016 kx450 in october 2019. I always sell out right, and I always buy out of state to avoid sales tax. In this instance I used a local dealer, and even after paying the difference in sales tax, I came out 400$ ahead from what my asking ... more »

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I dont know what KYB shock you're talking about but i'm assuming its a "kit" style shock if you have such a hard on to hang onto it. 06-18 is the same as far as physical fitment goes. 06-18 Showa KIT/ works body will not fit on the new frame without ... more »

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I like the smell - both before its burnt and after if you arent concerned witha ny kind of "performance" , something like VP110 or sunoco 110 will be lighter on your wallet, and is a lot more "stable" / less "finicky" than an oxygenated fuel.

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I second this, or learn to tune the lectron before you end up with another pile of parts.

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Just buy the tool. Pretty sure tusk makes one for half the price too. It’s convenient because you can flip it over and use it on other stuff (I believe I’ve done KYB inner cartridge cap removals, and some Showa stuff as well if I remember correctly) ... more »

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I bought a 54 gallon drum last year, and keep a N2 blanket on it so it stays fresh. Only dispense what I need for the day. It runs well, has a strong odor. Was running straight C12 prior in my yz250, per TMR to go with the cylinder/head work he had done. ... more »

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I think the GT plus is the comparable fuel to T4. Its about 4.7% O2. It will be similar in price to T4.

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Spend the extra few dollars and buy u4.4. Both T4 and U4.4 require a remap, but Atleast you’ll gain a decent amount with U4. T4 is lean on a pump fuel map contrary to vital and VP, stoich #’s don’t lie. I’m going back to pump gas, U4 is banned in NY ... more »