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This BITES! We were already looking forward to were some other people we know. One already tried to put in for PTO! Shit!!

Added reply in a thread Congratulations and thank you team USA 9/25/2016 9:56 AM

Agree with the title of the post. Thanks Alex, Cooper and Jason for representing the USA!! And good job fighting through all the adversity!! And of course I hope Jason is ok and that his foot heals quickly.

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Well....we've bought a couple bikes where the manufacturer made a one-off themself. Then they abandon that approach when it doesn't work as well as a name brand, then you, the bike owner, end up with a very expensive piece of junk. Examples? Specialized ... more »

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Great find! Its on here at 8 on Dish on FS2. Thanks!!

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Screwed again. And next week too...I've got nothin Dailymotion came on for the end of semi 1...somehow....then went back off

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So now its working. Nice of em to make us hafta google for the link.

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Post a link that works. I can't get in

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I am with you! One of the things we LIKE about when the races move east is we can almost always watch the entire race same day. We almost always go riding on Saturdays, and are pretty dang tired by the time the evening comes and after a nice meal, a ... more »

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Anyone else ride off road lately? If not, watch an off road vid. The bikes are about 90% KTM. And of the others, they are mostly MX bikes being used for something they weren't designed for. Finally Yamaha has taken a step or 2 to re-enter the off-road ... more »

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Tragic. RIP'll be remembered by many forever!!!

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Cooper said gas cap malfunction. We've had that happen with one of those vent tubes with the check valve that doesn't allow tank to vent, thereby bike gets no fuel. I thought it was odd how much smoke he was getting though.

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So, what was the final result of how many points RM Fantasy allowed for Anderson's 3rd place finish in SD1? I've seen a person who got 15 points for picking him 3rd...but he was penalized to 5th, Anyone know? EDIT - Never mind....I see that they are ... more »

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Last time we went, the exhaust was so bad we had to go to the smoking area for fresh air. Hopefully it will be better. Maybe it was cuz it was too cold to have the doors open...I dunno. I can't imagine how bad it was for riders...not such a good road ... more »

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Seems like Malcom needs a PR representative. At a minimum, someone to guide him. Then again, if his contract negotiating strength (as someone said above) is based simply on the volume of responses, and he doesn't bother reading them, the more crap he ... more »

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Does Ansr fit over knee braces really good? A Fly rep told us theirs are designed with this in mind and others weren't...or not done as well. That was end of 2014, so maybe other companies are doing the same now. We like our Fly stuff. Suggest you try ... more »

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The question about ticket prices, and the amount of racing you can watch, prompts this. We have tickets to Vegas...our first SX after years of attending MX. For MX, we go first thing in morning and watch all practices and qualifying and then the races. ... more »

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Yeah...WTF??? The following is from the "Official Results" link on AMA site...NOT the provisional link: If they don't change it, I got first and third right. Oh...wait...first was last ... more »

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To the OP. Can you provide some context related to your neighborhood and whether you were home when the tires were delivered or whether they sat on your porch for a long time? Personally, I've had no problems with RM and found their service to be excellent. ... more »

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Do you really think you can BS your way through the protocol? If that were true, it would be totally worthless. 99.9% of the riders would tailor their responses toward getting them back on the bikes. It would be interesting to know exactly what they ... more »