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I am a huge fan of mookie but I don't see a good result right away. I hope I am wrong. But based on what he did last year and based on him not showing much of anything until a few weeks ago of him riding I wonder how ready he is. Either way I wish him ... more »

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I was very happy to see him up front. It's obvious he still has work to do but that being said, the podium may be all it takes to give him a shot in the ass to win.

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Yeah it was sweet to see him get king of bercey or however you spell it but I hope he has a good season.

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Dam nets stopping Marvin from throwing his goggles!! I'm jk but they were there from what I saw on tv

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I wonder the same. I am a big fan of his but I think the bottom line is he got hurt bad After that unless my memory serves me wrong it just has not been the same There are other guys like this also really but there is nothing I would be happier to see ... more »

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I feel it was hardly talked about and I am not relating this to supercross at all but josh killed it at straight rythem I think it was his last run against Marvin but Hannys run was amazing. Dude showed the speed he has against a guy that might be champion ... more »

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I know it sounds crazy but I feel a reed/mookie team is a dream team in terms of popularity. Plus the potential of mookie is very high. I'm just saying. It seems both guys may be struggling some for the support they want but as a team it may be a different ... more »

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Lol that's funny. Btw. R8. The poor mans Lamborghini The hurricane is. Way more dope. Same engine though.

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Everyone is different but shit man kx all day. When I buy a bike I think what I am going to lose when I sell it. That kx looks like new still. You. Can buy that bike and ride it for a few years and sell it for the same price almost

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I was about to say. This actually was him crashing lol. I'm jk. This pic is sick as hell. I am a big fan of Phil and I don't think he gets the respect he deserves. I don't know what he has to do but I think he can be a guy that can get to that next level ... more »

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I did not listen to the podcast yet but I read the above thing. Honestly I think Barcia will do better this year becaus it is factory yamaha. Yeah jgr was technically factory yamaha but it' really wasent if. that makes sense. I'm not saying he is gonna ... more »

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Yeah im not reading 15 pages so sorry if this has been said. 1. Jeff talked about decoster. One thing I have wondered for a long time is why the tuck what Rodger says is what goes in this sport? Atleast that's the impression I get. 2. Get rid of wada ... more »

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Cool video I love how that Honda looks. Really well done

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If it's what I think it is it was really good

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Now this is funny

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I am not sure if it's been said but this thread is proof why James deserves every sponsor and every dollar he has earned. Name one rider with a thread on here with this kind of attention? The dude is a icon and honestly in terms of status I don't think ... more »

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Steve said he heard James is having another baby

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The bakery comment was seriously the funniest thing I have ever heard during a moto broadcast. And the takeout by bowers was amazing

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After doing his own thing I get if he does not want to waste money and honestly I have no clue on what he should or should not do. That being said what I find weird is if he wants to race why turn down the over seas stuff? You don't need a team and special ... more »

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I only read ththe first three pages but seriously we need to lose wada. We should drug test but this shit is a joke Dude let cade take as many drugs as he wants. No offense but I don't think he is going to be winning races even if he is getting shot ... more »