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who was supposed to be the new title sponsor??

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I don't know how some of you guys are putting Brayton ahead of Seely, I see brayton around his usual 6-10 (as well as some 15-20 place finishes) Cole was looking great last year.

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Rip to the passengers. I found it really eerie when I was looking at photo's of some of those who passed away on

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I guess you have zero experience with any measuring tools, (don't take this negatively) I measure parts we make daily with hand held tools with accuracy up to 0.0001" Spend some time in a machine shop if you would like to learn how to reverse engineer ... more »

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bump... shoot me a fair offer

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bought this from an auction. real fox Dungey jersey that you can't buy in stores with all of the sponsors ads printed right on the jersey. it has ktm logos on it as well good for any dirtbike fan. looks great on the wall beside other motocross

... more »

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Magazines that put out a yearly "sexiest woman or man alive"issue. Sorry but I can go to any mall in America and find a chick hotter than jennifer anniston or Katy Perry. Also girls in high school that thought they were so hot and so much better than ... more »

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maybe he was referring to viagara when he needs blues.

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So how does swapping a motor and wiring harness (im assuming that's what they replaced when they said "electrical" problem) fix a fuel pump issue? isn't the pump in the gas tank?

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I guess everyone is forgetting that #41 can run the pace too. Hoping for a healthy season for him.

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will be my 4th trip. cant wait!!!!

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Great, another 2 years of Chad testing and fiddling with suspension bits and getting used to the new bike having to listen to him talk about "still setting the bike up" in every interview. All while Ryan sipes comes in for one or two races with next ... more »

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I could be wrong but I'm not so sure this bike has ever seen the dirt let alone tested the feel of different engine mounts...

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Did you guys not take note of his Redbud performance last summer? I don't think factory kawi is interested in a guy finishing 20th for them. He surprised me in supercross this year (especially after not making the first few mains I was thinking he should ... more »

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A can of red bull with actual red bull in it not just water to fuel his secret addiction

Started new thread Please help my girlfriend! 3/29/2015 3:52 PM Please share she is looking to do big things while there.

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Lol. Last week in Detroit one of the team guys poured a powdered drink mix into a water bottle and hid it inside a goggle bag to give to Ryan right before the moto. I asked him if it was Redbull

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So someone pointing out that the pipe looks like a 2 stroke equates to envy and jealousy? It's all in your head bro, take it down a notch not everyone is jealous of you I'm sure everyone is happy for you. It's not a waste of money it's a beautiful bike ... more »

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I've been to thailand, the humidity is no joke!! take a cool shower and before you are getting your boxers on youre already sweating!! Like a sauna the whole day.

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At least someone is doing something to bring light on the Kawasaki brand this year besides Reed. Kawasaki America must be scratching their heads here looking at all the money they're spending on a supercross budget for one rider not producing results. ... more »