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Reply to THE RYANS ARE BACK ! 10/21/2018 6:37 PM

Well? Chime in now, you frickin idiot. Tell us more....

Reply to AC92 stays with PC for his first couple years on a 450? 9/24/2018 6:13 PM

"If AC wins both titles next year....."

Come on guy, you new to this sport? It isn't gonna happen. Unless the 7th times a charm.....
Reply to MX Nation: Season 4, Episode 5 - Dedication and Determination 9/22/2018 4:42 AM

SUCH an awesome series!

Reply to Nico Izzi in trouble in Arkansas now... 9/18/2018 9:48 PM

Uummmm......he LITERALLY ripped a part of someone's body off!!

Reply to Motocross 9/18/2018 9:32 PM

That Maverick guy is quite the dick sometimes but he posts SO FRICKIN MUCH that his little jabs at people seem to go unnoticed. What I have picked up anyway..... I fully agree with your post. Not sure why the OP is getting piled on

Reply to Did Tyler Evans pass away? 9/18/2018 9:27 PM

Thr write-up by Faisst was pretty sobering. Nice job Ronnie RIP Tyler

Reply to Question for the readers regarding Social Scoop 9/18/2018 1:45 PM

I never miss it! Keep it going.

Reply to NSFW 9/12/2018 2:13 PM

I'm confused

If it's tagged Nice! Safe For Work, then what's the problem with looking at it at work???
Reply to Blue on orange 9/12/2018 2:08 PM

I agree with the OP, I don't like that color combo AT ALL but this, my friend.....this looks kick ass with your gear choice! Very nice

Reply to Blue on orange 9/12/2018 2:06 PM

Whoa whoa whoa!! What??? What's this "homepage" you speak of.....???

Reply to Was James Stewart the coolest rider that we never truly got to know as fans? 9/3/2018 5:06 PM

PS : I am a huge fan of moto. I just would never waste my time waiting for an autograph. From any rider. Ever.

Reply to Was James Stewart the coolest rider that we never truly got to know as fans? 9/3/2018 5:05 PM


calm down princess. I never threw you a down vote - I think up/down votes ( much like grown ass men waiting 4 hours to have another grown ass man write their name on a peice of clothing or paper for them ) is a gigantic waste of time. ... more »
Reply to Was James Stewart the coolest rider that we never truly got to know as fans? 9/3/2018 1:12 PM

So.....you REALLY waited in line for 4 hours to get an autograph?

I'd only do that for....um NO ONE EVER.
Reply to Any Champ to have never ridden red. 9/3/2018 11:22 AM

drt410 is totally winning the "TLDR" title in this thread

... more »
Reply to First Saturday after the outdoor season ends... 9/1/2018 8:35 PM

Two words : Hunting season ?

Reply to Dungey fires back at Villopoto! 9/1/2018 8:56 AM

I'm just gonna ventute a guess that Dungeys fitness is well beyond RVs, and also that Dungey is not as far past retitement as RV is. I'm thinking he's going there to win this thing. And I really wouldn't say that RV got "smoked" last year. Yeah he got ... more »

Reply to Carey Hart racing the NZ vets Champs, 8/31/2018 8:32 PM

Always sort of takes me by surprise when I hear a freestyle guy is racing. I always equal Hart with freestyle. Seem to forget he was ( is ) a racer too.

Reply to Dungey fires back at Villopoto! 8/31/2018 8:29 PM

I think I agree. The pics and vids I've seen of him the last year, doesn't look like he's lost any fitness at all. Would be AWESOME to see him and Poto in the final agaisnt each other

Reply to Kendall Jenner with Yoko 8/29/2018 4:56 PM

Ok there pal ... more »
Reply to Villopoto fires shots at dungey 8/29/2018 4:47 PM

Weak. ?