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I'm too fat for a 125, but I am a geezer. We'll be at a couple of 125 All Star races this summer with our 03 KX125. Watch for #57.

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c. In the event an OEM does not currently produce a 125cc 2-stroke machine, then in that event non-current production models from the final three years of production are eligible (i.e., Kawasaki models 2003-2005, Suzuki and Honda models 2005-2007).

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I have taken many showers at the track with a power washer. Many more on the way home at a car wash. (just not before March or after October) Just clamp the wand to the bumper and tie wrap the trigger. Don't get to close, it will cut you. If the trip ... more »

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1993 Kawasaki KX 500
Updated bike check dirtbikemike's Kawasaki 4/14/2019 8:06 AM
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Hopefully I will make another trip to Glen Helen this year and we can get together.

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Dang Jim, I just knew a 405 would be in those pix.

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Call Doug at 559-960-6834

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Mike Kidd started the use of the red cross flag for Arenacross. It was only used for the one blind jump on the track, the catapult. The big difference was the display of that flag. Stationary display only. Waving it can cause confusion. As the referee ... more »

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I have one on my KX450. Came it when I traded for the bike, so I don't know about installation. You can email Lynn at Promoto Billet and he will get you on the right track.

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I already have a restored 93. Maybe this 89 needs a new home.

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I have two 16s and both map switches were ripped off during Arenacross. Pretty simple repair. I cut the sealant off the switch and revealed the three prongs coming out of the switch. Scored some m/c tail light wires and the connectors slid right on. ... more »

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Those AMA stickers have been used in Arenacross for many years. Any local A rider could have ridden that bike a one round. It means little.

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I guess my KX125 project can slow down some now.

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Since 1974, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Dakota, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts

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Most of my jumps are lots of stumps that were covered up with existing dirt. My two water trucks were both $1000 each plus the tanks and pumps. Saved up and rented a dozer every six months for several years before I finally bought one.

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No riders get paid on Sunday except the A Open class. The 250 SX Futures class which gives A riders the opportunity to race on a real SX.....uh......track has NO payout. NADA, exactly what they will get when they get to the big show, just pay to practice ... more »

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And the SX Futures class had 78 entries. That would compute to over $8000 for a 100% payout, if there were a payout for that class. So go ride the SX Futures class to get your points for a Supercross license, which 10 riders did. But don't expect to ... more »

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And they finished up at......9pm.

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So you're leading the main event and the bike with the big number "1" on it is right behind you. You know that from your pit board of course, or from glancing over your shoulder in a couple of corners. He's breathing down your neck and you don't think

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