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Looks like I'm done working a little early then. Thanks Freecaster.

Added reply in a thread Racing weather stations 2/10/2009 11:15 AM I use this weather station for drag racing, and keeping track of my bikes jetting. I'm surprised you don't see more people/ teams using them. I would think that if your THAT serious ... more »

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The tuff blocks are part of the track, if you get close enough to get one in your wheel it's your own fault. Besides that it was also ENTERTAINING. Grant getting that cover caught in his wheel made the Speed show that much more entertaining than if it ... more »

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I remember that. The day before the accident he was on some BMW forum bragging about how fast HIS new BMW was. It turned into a 10 page thread about wether he really owned the car and about how fast said car was. I think he and his friends died the next ... more »

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$33,900.00 Mercedes benz glk 350

Added reply in a thread Motion Pro T-Handles 11/25/2008 12:54 PM It's about $30 for the cmplete set, and another $15 for the holder. They are quality tools for cheap. I also have their mini T handle, and it's the most used tool I own. Good stuff

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This would be a good place to start

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You never know. Monster just announced they're getting out of NHRA.

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I thought this was interesting.From DragRacingOnline =========================== IHRA sold! Drag Racing Online has verified that Live Nation’s motorsports division has been sold. The reported buyer is Feld Entertainment owned by Kenneth Feld. Feld Entertainment, ... more »

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From the finish line to the sand trap at e-town is 2300'. I believe the sand trap is an additional 70' before you get to the wall and the fence/net, and beyond that are some woods and then a public road, and then some more woods. Scott hit the sand trap ... more »