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Just bolt this na 4 stroke engine into your frame, sure it's a little pricey, but instant holeshots you will have.

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I did an entire lap at a mud and snow h/s race backwards. I got the holeshot, and made a left at what I tought was the first turn, . It was the first turn ,but from 2 weeks earlier. They change the direction of the track every race, and I missed the ... more »

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The bike won't run any better with straight race gas, than it will with a 50/50 mix of race gas and 93 octane fuel. There is no need to waste $ on straight race fuel, which is between $7-$10 a gallon. If you have accesss to AV fuel, by all means go with ... more »

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If you're looking to competitive against 250f on slick tracks the 125 is for sure not the way to go. It will be much easier and cheaper to detune a 250-t with a flywheel wt and retarded timing than it will be to mod a 125 to be competitive. If you just ... more »

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Detonation is a very common problem 0n the 03'-09' yz 250's. When the bike is put under a heavy load with 91-93 octane gas it WILL detonate. Between the timing and static compression on these motors, Yamaha has them setup on the ragged edge of constant ... more »

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I'm sure they do. The headquarters is located in Corona, and I know Forrest and Morgan Lucas, AKA, the owner and his son, live in Temecula CA.

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Yes, It's a dead engine start. I was talking to Ben after the race and he was wondering how he was going to cash the huge sized check they gave.for the holeshot. Great race Ben.

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Go checkout the for sale forum over at to get an idea of price. Then list them over there. They'll gone in 2 days tops.

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I'd drag my dick a mile through broken glass just to finger bang the girls shadow for christ sake.

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I owned an 03' cr 250 back when Honda made 2 strokes, and the stock jetting on that bike wasjust terrible. The key to getting that bike to run right was to change the nozzle jet, It's the jet that the main jet screws into, You'll need to change it to ... more »

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I tried that too and the bike didn't like it with the changed offset triple clamps. The bike handled noticably better with the shorter wheel base, and offset clamps. I never noticed any loss in high speed stability, although i do use a Scotts steering ... more »

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I've spent a ton of money to try and get my 07' yz 250 to turn as well as my friends 07' rm 250, and I have to say it can't be done with aftermarket parts alone, Believe me, I've tried EVERYTHING. The best you're going to do with the YZ is get it too ... more »

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This was actually a gay test, and for those of you that noticed the Coke can, I've got some bad news for you.....

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I believe he finished 2nd overall in last years ISDE in Greece. The guys not lacking in the endurance department, for sure.

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The country store down the road from me sells 100% gas with no ethanol in it. It's about 17 cents more a gallon then the std gas you get around here, but it's worth it. My truck gets about 2 miles per gallon more using it, so it's worth the price difference ... more »

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If you are loosing that much antifreeze in that short of time, into the combustion chamber. The exhaust would smell slightly sweet , and it maybe slightly white. This will happen with a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water.

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I've used the slx grips before, they were nice and they did help prevent blistering and absorb vibration on hands. My only issue with them is when theyand your hands get wet-muddy there is ZERO traction to them. You might as well have smeared your hands ... more »

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Looks like I'm done working a little early then. Thanks Freecaster.