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Just announced as a special appearance from "NASCAR driver Travis Pastrana". This kid is everywhere!

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Simply awesome.....

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*picture*, not pictue.......well, it made me giggle anyway....

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Gotta agree with KAWboy, check the reeds,

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Whats with all the touchy-feely respect between riders these days? Hell, Hannah would have flipped him off and told him how he would stomp his ass when he healed up.........

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X 2

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hmm.........maybe supply a picture and post it in the proper forum may get you more responses. Just saying.......

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I hope they hang that piece of shit thief when they catch him....

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Good vid. Dogger's still got skills!

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Anyone else reminded of the Stewart/Reed race from Unadilla back in the Lites days....? Just sayin......

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I have all the respect in the world for K-Dub, and I love watching him ride. BUT, in my opinion, the fill-in ride should have gone to Regal. Dont know if Kevin wanted to ride the Outdoors or not, but Regal finishing consistent 4th, 5th, 6th place as ... more »

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Made a quick add-on for those that would like it. You can access Vital directly from your toolbar without going through your Favorites folder.

Damn. Tried to add photo of toolbar, but it didnt work. Just click the link and see what ... more »

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I agree with everything the announcer said..

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5 more minutes?

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Running around 15th after Alessi took him out, and finished 33rd? Injury? Bike problems?

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Alli Video can suck a dick..........

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Interrupted for unusual...