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I've used Russ Darnell, Gary Bailey, Donnie Hansen, Steve Wise, and the "Official Suzuki School of Motocross" at Carlsbad in 1983. All schools were great, learned something different with all of them. Some people like the schools, some don't. As far ... more »

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Gotta love social media. Thanks for giving ALL of us s bad name!!

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Thanks for that clip Huck. I was actually in that movie (the race scenes), filmed at Mosier Valley in Euless, Tx. (alas...another great track long gone). Peter Billingsly really was a douche on set....

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Back in my day....I wouldve pushed the bike to the track and back. Uphill....both

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The superman grab posts are worth that price alone.....

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Team Suzuki at Arlington Motorsports, along with the Texas Motocross Reunion Class of 70's & 80's.

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X2....Dog AND cat food. The little shits aint worth it...but will definitely keep supporting them because they support our sport.

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I grew up racing with Colin in MX, until he quit and took up RR. Super cool family!

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James needs to do what's best for James. I he feels 100% and feels he can complete with no ill effects...great! If feels (or his body feels) that its no longer in the cards for him, I wish him nothing but the best. He has gone through hell with injuries, ... more »

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Not sure about the quad....but I'm sure I heard something about him "blowing a tranny".....

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How can you not love the rebirth of such an iconic brand? Awesome seeing the success Husky is making around the globe.

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Did you catch the piece the Musers did on this goof on The Ticket this morning? Couldnt stop laughing my ass off!!

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May have missed it...have they released a count of the number of spectators for the MXdN? It looked packed from where I was sitting (in front of my TV)...just curious how packed it really was..

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In the mid-to-late 80's, JT Racing made a pair of gloves that had the "windshield wiper" glued to the index was about 1-1 1/2 long. Didn't work all that great, but looked really cool.

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Havent been around since the beginning, but long enough at the old MD to see plenty of Big Lenny, EID, P, etc. meltdowns. Dont post often, but when I do, its mainly just to see my own sig gif...gotta pass the time somehow...

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Wasnt it the next year that Bruce Bunch, Rick Hemme, and another rider (cant remember his name) were killed at Ponca City? Tragic...great careers cut short like that...