Started new thread Good deal for a project bike? 11/28/2018 9:44 AM

Seems decent to me (unless there's major damage of course).....opinions? 1988 KX 250

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So....he should end every video and interview with a full "read my list of sponsors off the pitboard"...that should keep everyone from getting

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I understand that Gibby, and you're the boss, so I respect your decision. That being said, the state of our world is going to crap. The OP posted about the shooting (again, no link or anything) so people could understand what really happened, and stop ... more »

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Wow...speak the truth about some of these snowflake pussies, and it gets deleted.....go figure.

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Umm...if we has a SXoN...the US would be the only ones to show up...

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Might as well...they couldn't do any worse...

Started new thread Would anyone e blame DeCoster for retiring.. 10/7/2018 1:18 PM

As Team Manager? It's got to be a heavy weight on his shoulders for the "World's Best" USA riders to be such a fucking embarrassment year after year. I kinda thought we would have a chance this year (on paper)...but damn, this is just embarrassing... ... more »

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Started new thread Happy Birthday GuyB 10/1/2018 7:34 AM

and thanks for all your hard work keeping this place going...I'm sure its a thankless job...

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Started new thread Our East Cost Moto Brothers (and Sisters) 9/14/2018 7:55 AM

Prayers going out to all of our East Cost moto brothers and sisters that are getting slammed by Florence. Stay safe....bikes, equipment, etc. can be replaced...your lives cant.

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Watching a Titanic documentary on The History Channel tonight....James Cameron sporting a FOX jersey during the whole thing....

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As long as it doesnt turn into another BooKoo....

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1986....the RJ/DB battles were the shit!

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My inner Grammar Nazi is going crazy after reading that ad....

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I beat Pedro Gonzales back in '88 at a local race in San Antonio, Texas before he got his Pro Circuit ride. May not have been a top-tier name, but I was happy with it..

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Fuel filter in backwards?

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Funny story (though not so funny at the time). Met Swink at the hotel we were staying in in Las Vagas for the amateur national (around 1986/87). Met a few girls, went back to their room to get to know them better. Brian thought it would be funny to soak ... more »