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New thread Suzuki ebay cylinder need advice 1/15/2020 7:45 AM

Ive been looking for a good used cylinder to fit an 07 rm 125 i found one on ebay but do the ports look standard

They look a bit shiny like someone's done some grinding in there but im no expert could do with another opinion Thanks ... more »

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New thread Wanted late model suzuki rm 125 cylinder 1/11/2020 6:40 AM

Looking for a used stock suzuki rm 125 cylinder to fit 07 preferably with the power valve if anyone has one they would sell Thanks in advance Darren

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New thread Suzuki rm 125 power valve help 7/8/2019 9:24 AM

could do with some help for my rm 125 power valve i have just done a top end put the power valve back together but it doesn't move not sure if im putting it in the wrong way or something else could do with some advice

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New thread purpose of the cut out in the side of 2 stroke piston 6/17/2019 12:45 PM

just bought a new piston and it doesn't have the cut out like the other one does anyone the purpose of this what difference does it make

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New thread Suzuki rm 125 porting 5/30/2019 10:44 AM

just want some opinions on my cylinder i bought this bike a while ago and told it was ported im not a 100% what im looking at it does look like its had some grinding done so i thought i would get some pics while i

ts apart see what anyone thinks ... more »

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New thread Looking for hinson clutch parts for suzuki rm125 5/16/2017 12:52 PM

Probably a long shot but looking for good used hinson clutch parts for my late model suzuki rm 125 im after the inner clutch hub and pressure plate leave a comment if you have any of those for sale would appreciated

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New thread 08 suzuki rm 125 squish help 10/13/2016 11:15 AM

hi so I started a thread about why my suzuki rm pistons keep getting blow by im on my second piston with about 3 hours on it and Its starting to get blow by already so I put pics up and some of the old piston a few things were sugested one thing was ... more »

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New thread rm 125 piston problem maybe 10/10/2016 12:14 PM

hi new here usually post on mxtrax as im in the UK but site seems to have a problem with pop ups quite new to motocross don't race just been to practice tracks and doing a bit of woods riding type stuff to get used to the bike so my problem is ive just

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