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Reply to Anaheim 2 SX - Night Show Discussion 1/20/2018 7:07 PM

"It's a really simple format! Let's use as many people as we can to explain it in a confusing way!"

Reply to Anaheim 2 SX - Practice Discussion 1/20/2018 4:31 PM

Think they cut the whoops down to increase the chance of a surprise winner?

Reply to CTE caused by repeated hits, not by concussions.... 1/19/2018 1:17 PM

There are 2 types of people in this thread...

Reply to confirmed - bruised shoulder for tomac 1/8/2018 1:49 PM

Did anybody else read this in a sarcastic tone?

Reply to Anaheim 1 SX - Practice Discussion 1/6/2018 2:21 PM

A lot of people have a lot of things figured out by the first timed practice of the year...

Reply to Cord cutters guide to 2018 SX? 1/6/2018 1:59 PM

Where are you located? I tried signing up but it told me it wasn't available in my location?

Reply to Cord cutters guide to 2018 SX? 1/6/2018 3:07 AM

I tried signing up for YouTube tv so I could record the races, but it says it's only available in certain areas?

Reply to ??? 1/4/2018 4:28 PM

Well, it is a test track. Yesterday was suspension, today is boundaries.

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I'm guessing this makes you feel very confused?

New thread Who has raced the most brands? 1/1/2018 7:13 AM

Just saw a picture of Ivan Tedesco on a KTM and forgot that he had raced one for a while, and made me think, who has raced for the most brands? He has them all but Husky I believe. Reed or MC have gotta be up there as well, has anybody raced more than ... more »

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Reply to What causes 250f 4 stroke to explode? 12/27/2017 2:33 PM

The 5 valve Yamaha motors were by far the most reliable on any MX bike, but 2009 is getting a bit old for that to really count. Could be solid, could be about to grenade.

Reply to Cord cutters guide to 2018 SX? 12/27/2017 2:19 PM

I used sling last year and cancelled after the season ended, I think it was around $25 a month.

Reply to Monster / 30sec Card Girls 12/18/2017 3:39 PM

I think the Brawndo girls are hot, personally. Wait... what?

Reply to CP377 retires from racing 12/13/2017 1:20 PM

The fastest I've ever seen anyone take a corner was CP on a 250 in practice at St. Louis. Cruised around most of the session, then uncorked one section out of nowhere and hit a 90 degree right hander after a triple so fast that my friend and I both said ... more »

Reply to Is this speed real/even possible...video 12/12/2017 12:54 PM

It still looks very slightly sped up to me. The branches swaying and the dirt settling just look wrong. The other videos look fine, he's still hauling ass in them, but the 2 stroke one looks just a pinch faster. Audio is transferable. But maybe I'm wrong ... more »

Reply to Is this speed real/even possible...video 12/11/2017 1:26 PM

Those branches were moving pretty herky-jerky in the breeze, and the dust and roost seemed to dissipate pretty quickly. Looks sped up to me.

Reply to Moto training-- Rower or Fan bike? 12/1/2017 2:23 AM

I've got a water rower, don't consider myself to be in top shape, but seeing these times made me feel more at ease. I just picked up riding again after a few years off, lately I've been using it to train for long hikes since I hate running. Hopefully ... more »

Reply to More "songs you wrote," please 11/21/2017 4:55 PM

It is pretty damn good as well, I think it's equally amazing how well his voice has held up, sounds exactly like he did in 1996 in 2015! Seen them twice since they've reunited, once on the Tree of Stars tour, and on the 20th anniversary of Fantastic ... more »

Reply to More "songs you wrote," please 11/21/2017 4:48 PM

lyric page from the album art
Reply to More "songs you wrote," please 11/21/2017 4:45 PM

While I didn't write this one, it's my favorite lyrically on this album. It's about the facebook addiction replacing real life for some, and how intrusive targeted advertising is becoming into your personal information.