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for sure, bro

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New thread visiting johannesburg and need assistance with renting mx bike and gear 11/17/2017 9:02 AM

i'll be in Johannesburg for a couple of weeks and want to rent a 450 and gear to do some mx and trail riding. any suggestions? thanks

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guess I'm going to pick one up in the next day or so...

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I bought a used 08 with very low hours on it awhile back. the 13's came out, and I HAD to have one. so I sold the 08 and started riding the 13. I DID NOT like the air forks and I felt really cramped on that bike. so, I sold it when I found a practically ... more »

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yeah, i'll get enzo to get the suspension set up correctly. I like their stuff on the 08.

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do you have the same bars on both? trying to eliminate bar sweep as a difference

New thread 2018 crf450 9/7/2017 12:24 PM

I currently own a 2008 and love it. I went out and bought a 2013 in late 2012 and just never felt comfortable on it due to the air forks and also the cockpit (center of pegs to center of bars) being 17mm shorter than the 2008. I sold the 2013 and went ... more »

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