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Or buy some 19 wheel spacers!!

Reply to Barcia MXDN Bike - LIT (Rad, Neato, Sick, Fire, Money, Shipshape, Epic, Bees Knees, Gnarly, Bruh Do you even lift) 8/19/2018 7:57 AM

Lets hope they do a production run...................

Reply to BOS GP and Jordi Tixier Split 8/18/2018 5:55 AM

Very strange considering Team seemed built for him? Shows what an amazing job Bobby is doing..................

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So I could not get 'comfortable' on my bike. Suspension seemed to go dead mid stroke and on straight sided bumps shook me to pieces. I've put a the lower bar on. The suspension has been valved to ease the mid stroke. Added some A kit spring mounts. Up

... more »
Reply to Spoke with my overtime... 8/15/2018 6:09 PM

I have the same and am loving it!!

Reply to Opinions on öhlins inserts 8/14/2018 4:20 PM

I've run the Ohlins inserts before. Worthwhile upgrade. Very good on the small and big stuff.

Reply to MXGP silly season18/19 8/14/2018 2:01 PM

Paulin's demands are always high. Think he turned down a more bonus related contract and is now in no mans land. Cannot see Wilvo paying his rates...................

Reply to Weekend warrior 18 yz450, 8/13/2018 12:54 PM

love the super stock graphics!! You tested that map yet? I'm a vet and have been running the 'hardpack' map so far. works well. Had a revalve on my bike last week and loving it even more now.

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I washed my 350 FC with the seat off once and immediately had issues................

Reply to Marchesini Rock Wheels on 2018 YZ450F 7/27/2018 4:46 PM

last time I had an issue like that was because someone had put the spacers round the wrong way but that was on a husky.

Reply to Yamaha YZF 450 2018 7/26/2018 9:11 PM

I may be going mad but that map looks different to the ones I can see on MXA. I 'think' the TH and R/min need adjusting? When I got mine wrong my bike was a right pig to ride!! I thought I hated the TP map so took it straight out and now I need re test ... more »

Reply to 55 hrs to date, 2018 yz450f 7/18/2018 3:55 PM

Thanks for all the write ups. Its good info I'm a vet rider and struggling with the handlebar/seat combo. Have just fitted some Renthal 996 which I hope will help after that its lower the clamps or maybe fit a higher seat foam. My knees are shot so I ... more »

Reply to Different color rims 7/18/2018 1:26 PM

get the spare old one anodised the same gold as the others...............Its not an expensive process.

Reply to Let's see your 2018 YZF450 7/10/2018 9:37 AM

Cheers will take a look.

Reply to 2018 Yamaha 450 7/10/2018 9:00 AM

what SAG are you running?

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What SAG is everyone running? How about Maps. I'm running the Hardpack one at mo. When I tried the TP it seemed to have a lot of engine braking and seemed to spin up the rear very quickly?!

Reply to Hunter Lawrence coming to US MX Series at RedBud? 6/24/2018 11:54 PM

Ah ok, paid for technical support. That's not really how the PR reads.

Reply to Hunter Lawrence coming to US MX Series at RedBud? 6/24/2018 9:56 AM

Quote from Lawrence about Geico: They felt like family from the minute we started talking and are giving me support next year with 114 Motorsports Honda to win a world title Quote from Geico: In the deal, GEICO Honda announced it will also provide technical ... more »

Reply to Hunter Lawrence coming to US MX Series at RedBud? 6/24/2018 5:16 AM

All the PR at the start of the season said he would be using full GEICO engines and support in the Worlds. He def had a rough year and has crashed a lot. Bit rich to blame his current team............

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I thought he shorted it? As did Roczen who followed him over...............