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KTM should sign him to run the 350 in the USA

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Look like DareDecals graphics from England.

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I believe UFO make high quality plastics still for 87 Kx's.

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So true. If it was rough as hell on the approach to those jumps less riders (if any) would contemplate making the leap. Or reface the first jump so it throws you up rather than along. I think even in that video guys were landing much too close to other ... more »

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I dont think people always fit a pipe on a 450 for max power. I ran a 2011 yz450f with an OEM system and found it flat out of the corner then surged. Felt horrible and certainly did nothing for confidence. A $300 slip o transformed the bike. Predictable

... more »
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Yes I do, because MX and Enduro bikes are not Honda's core business and no matter that Honda is a 54 billion dollar company they are not investing in MX like KTM are. KTM's continued investment all around the world is paying off. The japanese factories ... more »

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Some of those riders are not even on factory bikes. ie David Philippaerts, Tanel Leok, Steve Ramon Dont think anyone can keep up with the development going in to the KTMs at the moment.

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What the 17 year old kid? Dont think he is afraid of anyone but maybe at his age he has a few years left on the 250f

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TwoTwo - no budget................

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KTM USA need a fast guy on the 350. CP should be that man.

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A guy in the UK paints tanks successfully but he seals them inside first.

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I think he (Pocock) has already had plenty of that from Herlings. Dont think Herlings is shy at dishing it out as he comes through the field.

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What I found strangest out of all this was that it was the US anti doping that went after him?? He must really of upset the wrong man.

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Herlings will USA 2014 so I guess everyone will get to see him for a few years.................

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Maybe the factory bike is considerably lighter and faster.................than the production item. Cairoli's bike certainly seems to be much faster this year than previously.

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Canard maybe going fast but if he is riding over his head and never finishing a season it does not really mean much. He needs to back it off a few percent.

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KTM may have Dungey on the 450, but they still have a 350 model to market and sell. So who knows......

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Seems like the sand in Lommel is different to the sand in America................................

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We were right there. Barcia crashed into some solid boarding. Then he dumped the clutch and dug himself a big hole that got him no where. Then he could not pull the bike backwards and the clutch dumping had wedged the front in too! Chuck Sun should of ... more »

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I am driving over there soon but I think the USA will do very well tomorrow (Saturday) when the place is flat. Come Sunday I think its open season round there once it gets rough, deep and 'heavy' as they call it in Holland/Belgium. Cant wait to go watch ... more »