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Reply to What is your worst injury from moto? 12/11/2019 7:50 AM

Compressed vertebrae in 2005. Went unknown until 2015 when I saw a chiropracter. Tib/Fib spiral in 06, just casted no hardware. Shattered ankle in 07. Plate and 9 screws. broken femur 12 weeks ago. Rod and 2 screws!

Reply to Each brand.. who is the first rider that comes to mind 12/4/2019 6:25 AM

Kawasaki - Ward and LaRocco Suzuki - Barnett and DeCoster KTM - Cairoli Honda - Bailey, Stanton Yamaha - Hannah

Reply to New things at Alias 12/4/2019 6:22 AM

wanker wax!

Reply to Have you ever switched suspension tuners just to see 12/4/2019 6:21 AM

I think you answered your own question without knowing it. Your buddy had dream like Cone Valves..... Buy a set for yourself! Case closed.

Reply to Femur screw removal 11/30/2019 7:31 PM

Add me to the broken femur club. Broke mine 9 weeks ago today. Just going between a cane and nothing right now. Not much fun, that's for sure.

Reply to Want To Feel Old? 11/29/2019 10:13 AM

I thought you were going to say, break your femur! When you get to the point in recover of using a cane, THAT makes you feel old. I just went across the street for lunch, and on my way back, there was an old guy, probably in his 80's, using a cane. I ... more »

Reply to WEBB RUMOR? 11/27/2019 7:51 AM

After reading this, I need a drink! LOVE IT!

Reply to Holy kaboom 11/18/2019 5:55 AM

In the shot showing the bottom of the piston, it looks like there was a flaw because of the freshly broken coloration, but it doesn't start where the edge of the piston was. You can see that oil/gas has seeped into the casting at some point.

Reply to Finally realized why KTM makes their bikes so light! 11/18/2019 5:36 AM

I remember not that long ago, Yugo was going to re-enter the market with a station wagon called the 'WeGo'. LOL.

Reply to Approaching meltdown 10/31/2019 5:51 AM

This is exactly how I do mine! I still hate doing them, but this seems the result in less cussing.

Reply to Any Aaron Plessinger fans here? 10/28/2019 6:31 AM

I wouldn't expect them to say anything else, and in your position, you hear stuff we will never hear, but it just seems that there have been a few riders that rode the wheels off the YZ250F and won some races, only to have problems with the 450. Of course, ... more »

Reply to Any Aaron Plessinger fans here? 10/27/2019 8:05 AM

AP needs to get off that talent crushing Yamaturd!

Reply to KTM Neken SFS Triple Clamps 10/26/2019 7:24 AM

Dammit Fisher, beat me to it again! I didn't see these for sale before

Reply to How much torque have a SXF350 2018 10/21/2019 12:29 PM

So much torque it broke my femur! Nope, not kidding at all.

Reply to If you could only watch 1 race all year 10/16/2019 11:05 AM

For me, MXGP, Daytona, then Millville!!!

Reply to No more RMATVMC O.E.M. parts? 10/16/2019 11:02 AM

My closest dealership is 38 miles away, and they aren't a KTM dealer. The closest KTM dealer is something like 75 miles away. RM has fair prices, fast shipping, and pretty much has what I need quickly. That makes me a repeat customer. EDIT - They don't ... more »

Reply to Looking for 200 CC 2 stroke engine for a project bike 10/15/2019 9:32 AM

Check with T-Fish. He has a 2004 SX200 motor in a 2011 KTM 150 chassis. Unsure if he'd separate the motor, electronics, etc.

Reply to WTB: Billywho Man Funnel for 1st Gen Honda 450 10/10/2019 9:13 AM

I used to have one, but we just moved. I have no idea if it moved or got thrown away. I'd bet it got tossed, but who knows. Unfortunately, All that stuff is in a storage unit and I won't know until next summer because our house build won't be done til ... more »

Reply to Yamaha YZ250F YZ270F project bike build 10/9/2019 11:00 AM

So what year is the bike again? Based on 5 min of research(Google), it's no newer than 2018.

Reply to Workschassislab 9/26/2019 6:13 AM

I quickly scanned all 6 pages and have a question that no one brought up. For the record, I'm a computer nerd, not an engineer, so these are real questions and thoughts with no knowledge on the topic. These mounts are all about flex characteristics, ... more »