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Reply to Magura clutch upgrade 9/16/2019 10:00 AM

Simply amazing switch. I swapped a bike I recently sold(cr250), but it was well worth it.

Reply to What immediately throws you off when looking for a used bike? 9/16/2019 9:30 AM

Yup, I've seen THREE in my life. One when I bought a new 2001 CR250, another I bought from my uncle, and the third was the 350 I just bought from Missouri. Almost no one in Wisconsin keeps them. We don't register any of them since they are off-road competition ... more »

Reply to 2016 250sxf battery replacement 9/13/2019 6:11 AM

I went with the Firepower from RMATVMC Info was much appreciated, especially the info from Paw. I never thought about the abuse part and the battery coming apart inside.

Reply to Ktm sprocket and Yz springs 9/13/2019 6:00 AM

message sent

Reply to 2016 250sxf battery replacement 9/12/2019 4:58 PM

thanks! I know I've seen people talk about using a battery with more aH or CCA's. I just didn't know if anyone had done that to theirs. That is one area I really don't understand, electrical stuff. I usually mutter through with YouTube

New thread 2016 250sxf battery replacement 9/12/2019 4:32 PM

Any recommendations on a battery for this bike? It doesn’t hold a charge right now and even when it is charged, it sounds like it struggles to turn it over.

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Reply to What is Your Current Riding Level? 9/10/2019 6:04 AM

I didn't see an option for me. OLD, FAT, and SLOW, but LOVE riding/racing!

Reply to My turn - spoke with my wallet 9/9/2019 9:23 AM

Yeah, needed the magic button!

Reply to My turn - spoke with my wallet 9/9/2019 6:02 AM

I know the spoke with my wallet deal, but I sold the 2-stroke, so I was half in the right! LOL. I definitely didn't want to sell it, but every time I tipped over or crashed, I had to push my bike to a place where I could stand on something to start it. ... more »

New thread My turn - spoke with my wallet 9/9/2019 5:52 AM

Nice long 14 hour round trip drive to pick up this low hour(7.9) 2018 KTM 350. Had to sell my 07 cr250 because I'm short and my knee braces made it almost impossible to kick start it anymore. Oh well, time to move on!

... more »

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Reply to Think she's done. 8/23/2019 6:15 AM

If the piston you are holding matches the damage on the exhaust port, I'm almost positive that piston was in backwards.

Reply to Welding 8/20/2019 7:41 AM

Just fixing shit, SEEMEFIRST hit it on the head, get a Lincoln or Miller MIG and weld away. You can get a book to help understand a bit better. Just have fun with it while you learn.

Reply to Your job/career 8/20/2019 7:38 AM

I agree, but where I work, we are the ones getting shit on. Prior to me, there was 2 IT managers over a 5 year period. On was here a year, then no manager for 1.5 years. The next one only made it 6 months, then another 1+ with no manager. I've been cleaning ... more »

Reply to Spoke with my Bitcoins 8/19/2019 11:33 AM

Wow, LOVE it!!! Nicely done!

Reply to Who’s Taking Seely’s place? 8/19/2019 11:32 AM

what about Savatgy?

Reply to Welding 8/19/2019 8:52 AM

Our local 2 year college has a welding certification. There is a basic welding class that briefly covers torch, mig, tig, and stick. If you have a local place that hires welders, stop in and ask them what you need to learn to get a job there. They may ... more »

Reply to Perfect example of what is wrong with "higher education" 8/19/2019 8:48 AM

College loan programs need a makeover. They need to cap them based on earning potential in the field you are studying! These garbage degrees will just go away then and kids won't rack up 6 figure loans. Granted, I graduated college in 1994, but came ... more »

Reply to Hitting a donkey wide open on a motorcycle! 2019 Vegas To Reno 8/19/2019 6:24 AM

WOW, nice save! Not sure how you would ever want to get over about 30 mph after that!

Reply to Would Justin Bogle benefit from training at Aldon's? 8/19/2019 6:20 AM

In my opinion, he needs help with one thing and one thing only - FOCUS. He seems to lose focus making one small mistake costing him either places, or injuring him. He is fast, no doubt. I think if his focus improves, his confidence goes up, he runs in ... more »

Reply to Supreme Honda CRF250R 8/19/2019 6:17 AM

I'm with Harry, - FUGLY!