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I had a deal like that as well with an RM125. The guy called me back after 2 weeks and said the motor locked up. I had just put in both bottom and top end into it. After asking more questions, he says "I was just riding down the highway on my way to ... more »

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I wouldn't touch Forkner. He seems to crash a lot. I think Sexton has way more upside. Yup, he's going to hit the dirt a few times on the 450, but I think he'll be top 3 in a couple of years.

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I tuned 50 min March. I stopped riding a couple of years ago because my older son was deployed and my younger son didn't want to ride anymore, so I lost my riding buddies. Then my younger son decide to ride again, and all was great until 9 months ago. ... more »

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Color Blind! He had no idea and no one corrected him.

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If I was a predictor of future happenings, I'd say at least one person gets a time out from Gibby! As for the moves, I didn't see what led up to the Forkner drift over into Lawrences tire, but the retaliation was hilarious and stupid both. Hilarious ... more »

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The only time I've pinched any tubes in the last 5-10 years have been my friends! Not sure why, but it's true. I have a different method than others though. I don't have a tire changing stand, so I do it on the floor on my hands and knees! I have 3 irons ... more »

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I actually haven't ridden with them yet. They just got put on.

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$300 and you have a deal! LOL

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Not so much of a build, but a makeover: The way I bought it last fall:

As of yesterday ... more »

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Beautiful Stuff!

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You WIN! This all day!!!! Very nicely done!

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Is it free? Price might help.

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The problem with how we are controlling the opening back up of things is by using hard numbers. We need to switch to percentages. If you are testing 1000/day and get roughly 100 positives, that's 10%. If you up the testing to 10000/day, you would expect ... more »

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Does it come with 'favor'? Lots of them! the price might not be out of line if he just picked it up and equipped it like that with 0 hours, but not with 15!

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I was thinking 'Cuff em and Stuff em'

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In my opinion, the only thing missing from the 4-strokes is the e-start. Yup, not important to some, but short people with knee problems really like it. I think they could skinny the line-up down to 4-6 models and just copy the competitors that are successful. ... more »

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I'm kind of in the same boat. I'm closing on a house on Friday. My garage/toybox will be a 30x40. Already has concrete, insulated walls, ceiling. I didn't assess the outlet situation, but I'm pretty sure I'll have to add some, and I most certainly have ... more »

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Fred Law - Has potential Robert Fortney - Boring!

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I have a friend that got custom graphics from Viscid Designs, so I reached out to get some custom ones done for my son and I. From request to proofs in 2 days. I asked for one small change to each of them last night. I'm sure I'll see something quickly. ... more »

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Nice Bike, and at $7500 with a helmet and goggles, I think that's a pretty fair deal! go through that thing, lube it up, and enjoy the hell out of it!!!