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Congrats on the wedding......I think! LOL My wife and I both have our rings in the safe. A few years after we were married, I was working on a bike and it caught on something and I really got lucky that it didn't rip my finger off. I quit wearing it ... more »

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That might be because they got caught cheating like Volkswagen did with the diesel emissions. GM got caught to. It was just not plastered all over the media and kind of swept under the rug.

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Ford did not take any bail out money. Instead, about 5 years prior, they leveraged most of their most important trademarks to help restructure. They leveraged the blue Ford Oval, 'Ranger', 'Taurus', as well as others. They weren't pompous enough to just ... more »

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In 2016, I had a 2007 Tundra and went shopping. Call me an idiot, but I was only shopping Ford and Toyota because of all the bailout bullshit with GM and Chrysler. On top of that, I live in the North, so GM and Chrysler products are going to rust prematurely ... more »

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Tomac Anderson Zach-O Barcia - Alternate or if Tomac doens't go. If Tomac doesn't go, alternate = Baggett

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RIP young man and condolences to the family and friends! Sometimes this sport really sucks!

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I'm a tick lighter than you and a bit older, but I had/have the same question. I'm a Vet B rider. My question though is 250 or 350. I went out riding with friends a couple of weeks ago, and my bike was not rideable, so I rode a friends 2017 KTM FE 450. ... more »

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They were suffering from the heat! They didn't hydrate! J/K of course.

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Another update. Still for sale. I added a Magura Juice clutch and a stainless steel rear brake cable.

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Thanks for clarifying. I didn't know they had any that low priced.

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Fees for spectators on a practice day are garbage. I wouldn't go to a track like that if I actually had someone going along just to watch. Next thing you know, there will be a damn quarter machine on the porta potty as a pay per use.

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This article is comparing apples to oranges. KTM is diverse selling dirt and street. HD is selling only street. Of course a company that is built in the US and only sells higher priced motorcycles will generate more revenue. Anyone that thinks otherwise ... more »

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I'm in the "use them for disassembly" club. I do prefer to use hand tools for assembly.

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For the people saying that AC hasn't accomplished anything. You do realize that he grew something like 6-8 inches AFTER he turned pro. How may people can say that and still maintained the speed and consistency prior to the growth spurt. Just imagine ... more »

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If someone wants one of these, I believe that T-Fish on here has his for sale. 2011 150 Chassis and an 03 SX200 motor.

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If they score by transponder, AND looking at the rule book, it seems that he should finish no better than 23rd in the first moto. I think it should be a DNF though.

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Interesting listen.

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Hard to discuss the truth, but there are areas that are gray. Suspension - obviously, this will help you go fast, even with bad technique. remapped ignition - you may be able to take a heavy hitting map and turn it into a smoother map to help you be ... more »

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Heal up man! Accidents/breaks happen all the time. Hold on to your chair! I broke my ankle sitting on the couch doing my homework!!!! My sister came running into the room and slipped. Her foot shoved my foot and ankle under the couch! I broke my toe ... more »

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Check the timing. My sons KTM 350 jumped a tooth on one of the cams in a simple tip over in a berm.