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I don’t have them in this YZ yet, but I do have a long history with using them. If you’re considering them I would recommend understanding what you’re looking to gain. Stiffer will offer more precision and tight handling, where adding more flex offers ... more »

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Hey guys, figured I would throw this in the mix, took my 21yz and started the process. Bought the bike last year to do some riding and build up, figure I’m about half way done with it, this build will be interrupted by riding season though. Here’s the

... more »

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Have you tried going with heat shield tape? Possibly wrapping section of pipe with the fiberglass tape also?

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I have pretty decent experience with repairing these as a local parts store sells them and I’ve had a lot of people bring them by my shop for troubleshooting. They’re not terrible, spend some extra time on maintenance around torquing bolts, inspecting ... more »