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Both were 06, liquid cooled. On paper, like I said, looked great. In person, looked to be very well put together as well, but just would not stay running. One broke a rod within 45 mins of owning it. Son took off running very slow during break in, was ... more »

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I had 2 new Polini 50's for my son back during our pee wee days. Bought them both in Jan, got rid of them both by first week of May the same year. Raced them in 9 events, finished 1. They looked great, but were as reliable as an unfaithful wife......Bought ... more »

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Skills first. If a kid can ride the wheels off a stock YZinger, then spend money.... If not, develop skills. If a young child can run, and pass, other kids on new modern 50's at your home area tracks on a stock PW, then dump the cash. Believe me, it ... more »

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This. Give that carb a damn good bath before you go replacing on a stocker, especially an older Honda 4 stroke. Those things runs forever and then some. Best friend still putts around his farm on his XR80 he got for his 11th birthday, he's in his 40's ... more »

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Yeah, at that time, gloves were kinda iffy as well. Wearing them in the bottom pic, but, had the fingers cut out....... Now that I'm old, I can't do a thing without gloves. Hell, I even caught myself wearing them on the riding mower......

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It was posted awhile back in the Moto section about fav bikes you owned.... Mine was my 82 YZinger Mod built by Ron Densford and Ted Moorewood. Raced it one season, it left on an airplane 2 days after Ponca ended in August of 82, ... more »

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To quote the ads I saw as a kid in the 80's......... "This is your brain on drugs, any questions?".........

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Loretta's in a few years.......

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Hang in there Justin! Keep your chin up, all the best to you.

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If he keeps this up, he won't have a problem with a ride for next season. Yamaha may have to fight to keep him.....

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Had a few good visits with your Dad about the good old days of Ponca, racing Italjets, Team Green in the early 80's.......all good times. Your Dad was something real special growing up, and it was really cool being on the same team with him for awhile. ... more »

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Who would have been on a Haro then, Wilkerson maybe? I was aware of RL, Martin, and Eddie doing some tricks on the film, didn't know if Ron was on it as well.

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Always enjoy some good conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Stewart at Loretta's each year. Very down to earth folks who have not only seen it all in this sport, but lived it as well. It says a lot when you have a child who reaches the Professional ranks in ... more »

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Hey Guy, of all the bikes you had to race, or roam on, which was your fav? Any pics of?

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Not to do with Moto, but a few from my Dad...... On marriage...."If you are dating a little gal you think might be a keeper, take a long, hard look at her mother. 90% chance that's what you'll end up with in 20 years." On bigger is better...."That's ... more »

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"A lite flick" no less.....

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Yep! He will prob hit the canvas a few times in the big boy class, but he's the real deal. Hats of to Bam Bam as well, they both were a step above tonight.

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Borderline creepy......

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Rode solid, kept his head on straight. Well done kid

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There is a place near me close to what you described in Saudi. They use all the old school tricks you mentioned, and there is usually a couple old men sitting in the corner solving the worlds problems. They have a sign hanging inside that says "If you ... more »