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I was sold at the old motorhome, econoline, and 3 wheeler strewn about the yard......

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Wear it, or ride it, with pride...... If you wake up the next morning after a good time, and can still half-ass smile at it, you'll probably be ok. In short, if you like it, that is all that matters.

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Ty, that RM 100 is badass. I would love to have that sitting in my shop...... Newman, you'll do an excellent job. I know it's not your usual flavor, but your work needs no intro. Make her slick again.....

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I agree that your bike looks fantastic, but that last pic is priceless!

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Team Green sent me a batch of them when they were first released, late 82. I had just turned 9 at Ponca, my last race on Pee Wee's. I saw the new 83 KX's on display, and watched Hank Moree literally run away with the Mod 60 class on a pre-pro KX60....that ... more »

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I felt the same way a few years back with my boy. He will get stronger, be quicker, and better at more things as time passes by, it's just the way it is..... but he will ALWAYS need his Dad! You should feel proud that you showed him the game, and now ... more »

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Listen to this man.... he's right.

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Trailer is damn nice, that's for certain. My fear, the roof. That thing will leak..... May take awhile, but it will leak. Any flat roof that has the ability to move, will leak. Hell, any roof for that matter..... Sun roof, moon roof, T-Tops, ragtop, ... more »

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We have a Cub, and an H. Farmall family here, since way back..... As far as quotes go, I heard my Granny one time describe a man that was a known tightass. "He's so damn tight, he wouldn't pay 25 cents to watch a piss ant eat a bale of hay." That one ... more »

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Damn? Really?? I always heard Cali was a tax crazy place, that's lame as hell.

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I kept my sons first bike, 2003 JR50 that Santa Claus brought him. It hangs on the wall out in the shop, with a broke chain, and 2 broken spokes. I started it about a year ago, 2 kicks! It hasn't been ridden since the end of 05, so after about 5 mins ... more »

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I watched Magoo skim some natural whoops that were roughly 3 feet high, 5 feet or so apart, on a stretch about 50 yards long. Rounded? Yes. Nothing like the stadium shit we see on Saturday nights now, but a very impressive sight for a 7 year old kid ... more »

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They are fantastic bikes.

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Guys on Yamaha's way back in the day were turning their tanks brown from running straight race gas, God only knows what octane. Back then, YZ's with brown tanks were a common sight and they were not even a year old yet.....

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Both were 06, liquid cooled. On paper, like I said, looked great. In person, looked to be very well put together as well, but just would not stay running. One broke a rod within 45 mins of owning it. Son took off running very slow during break in, was ... more »

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I had 2 new Polini 50's for my son back during our pee wee days. Bought them both in Jan, got rid of them both by first week of May the same year. Raced them in 9 events, finished 1. They looked great, but were as reliable as an unfaithful wife......Bought ... more »

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Skills first. If a kid can ride the wheels off a stock YZinger, then spend money.... If not, develop skills. If a young child can run, and pass, other kids on new modern 50's at your home area tracks on a stock PW, then dump the cash. Believe me, it ... more »

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This. Give that carb a damn good bath before you go replacing on a stocker, especially an older Honda 4 stroke. Those things runs forever and then some. Best friend still putts around his farm on his XR80 he got for his 11th birthday, he's in his 40's ... more »

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Yeah, at that time, gloves were kinda iffy as well. Wearing them in the bottom pic, but, had the fingers cut out....... Now that I'm old, I can't do a thing without gloves. Hell, I even caught myself wearing them on the riding mower......