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K-mart, definitely K-Mart.

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Age 40 and I still like 'em... I have a girlfriend who does mammograms for a living. I am a machinist and I send her pictures of my work every day. For some reason, she never sends back any photos of her work.

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That looks like a 2002 - 2004 YZ125 frame modified to suit the 2005+ engine. Those tubes welded into the shock tower appear to be TIG welded and just someone's artistic addition. Someone above mentioned the radiators, those look like OEM Yamaha radiators ... more »

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A better Photo from an image search.

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Like Kdringer mentioned, it is probably an inertia damper. Basically you can think of a tube filled with oil that has a heavy piston inside with some valving like a shock or fork. The inertia is due to the mass of the piston. The damping is due to the ... more »

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In my opinion, the clutch in a KTM is superior, but the type of spring is not the reason why. The single Belleville spring is a light weight feature, it is not the reason for improved clutch durability.

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In your photo, you can see where that ground wire was rubbing the back of the plastic tray. That wire shouldn't touch anything with any force like that. Make sure it's not rubbing like that when you put the new one on.

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The KTM and Husky are as light as those old two strokes in real life. I threw my old YZ250 on the scale with a full tank of gas, then weighed my buddy's Husky 450 rockstar with a cone valve fork. They were within a pound (with his heavier spring fork). ... more »

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I laughed. Then remembered Bamburg playing the anthem at Washougal with a couple of F15s blasting just over the treetops.

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Used bikes are often parted out on ebay these days. There's more money to be made by selling them in pieces than flipping them as a whole bike.

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Some parts will fit, your best bet is to start measuring and comparing things between your KX and bikes you and your buddies own. I'm collecting parts for my 1990 KX500 project right now and a ton of stuff from the modern KX250F and KX450F is going on ... more »

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Pat, I sent you a PM with my contact info. I think I have an idea...

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The Easton built Pro Taper bars were far better quality than the current rendition of that product in my opinion. I have that exact pad on a KX500 I'm about to restore next month and it's very roached. Are you thinking about making a replica or something?

... more »
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Where are you racing Isaac? If you are heading up to local races at OPMC, the competition won't be as tough. Some of the bigger series like PAC West and P.R.O. have a lot of entries and that's where you'll see the faster B riders in our area. If you ... more »

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If you find a good instructor, a few lessons will be a huge help. What you get out of the lesson depends a great deal on how well you apply it. Bring a notebook and write things down. When you go to ride after the lesson, bring that notebook and review ... more »

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The audio quality in some of that footage is downright decent. I'm watching the 250 GP portion now... A factory tuned 250 two-stroke is probably the best sound in all of motorsports.

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I've heard Dubach say these same things about having a routine. I have a very close friend who is 59 who could still likely holeshot the pro class on a good day at the local track. He goes to the start knowing he can pull a start and that sure helps. ... more »

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The Yamaha OEM cables are smoother than the aftermarket replacements I've tried, so stick with OEM if you can. I'm sure some aftermarket springs are good and some are bad. Mostly, you'll get a different spring rate, stiffer if it's a heavy duty clutch. ... more »

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I agree with that statement. The 2014 YZ450F was the bike I think back on as the worst I've ever owned. Super fast engine in a terrible chassis. Get a 16/17 frame if you can. Or, buy the used 14 frame and sell the bike... Then pick up a 2018+ machine. ... more »

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This camp fire had the feel of sitting in the pits with my buddies swapping stories and talking shit. I'd say you guys are already winning with this whole deal and the racing hasn't even started. Great job!