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Just to be clear, I'm not a suspension tuner by trade, but have worked on a bunch of different stuff and work as a machinist and engineer in my day job. When you say 2013+ SSF I assume you mean the seperate function fork from the KX250F? In my opinion ... more »

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There is a type of accelerated corrosion that happens between stainless and aluminum, usually in damp environments. The clutch in a dirt bike is immersed in motor-oil which is an excellent way to prevent corrosion. I wouldn't worry about it too much. ... more »

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I have to agree, judging that based on a beginner skill level. As you get faster, that will tighten up. A novice will get maybe 20 to 25 hours and an expert or intermediate will get less than 20 good hours out of a 125 piston and rings if they are riding ... more »

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I think you're angst is toward the three to six rep max weight people... Curls and chest press have a place in moto as long as you do it with a purpose and don't go full-retard. I'm not a muscle-bro by any stretch, but a couple times a week I go through ... more »

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Keep a notebook or a calendar and write your workouts, weight and average heart rate in it each day. I have data going back about ten years. It's both a learning tool and I hate seeing empty boxes on the calendar, so it helps motivate me to do more.

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The rower is a great workout for racers. If you're not super old (I'm coming up on 40 in a few months) you should shoot for around 2:00/500m pace or better. Try breaking some of your rowing sessions into 15 or 20 minute sessions and go for higher intensity. ... more »

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I owned a 2014 YZ450F for about 6 months and couldn't make it work well everywhere on every day. It was the worst feeling chassis I've ever owned at some tracks and about average on a good day. The link helped a ton, but that chassis is really sensitive ... more »

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I put one of those in my YZ250 last spring and it is holding up great. The stainless inserts are the closest thing you can get to an all steel basket for most bikes.

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In those days there were still a ton of open chamber forks on the production bikes. It wasn't until around 2005 that all the bikes started going to twin chamber systems. Honda and Suzuki had the Showa Twin Chamber stuff from the 1990's, but Kawi and ... more »

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In a really general sense of a layout, practically every turn on your track alternates direction from the previous turn. Reese95 already said the same thing, but it's what jumped out at me. Any time you have a chicane, or sections where the directions ... more »

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Unless something is damaged, the engine oil and hydraulic system can't mix. Look at the parts diagram: 13256 is the hydraulic piston. You can see in the diagram that the piston (not the rod) seals against the bore in the master cylinder casting. ... more »

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It's all about how the forks feel on the track. Unfortunately most people lack the technical skill and resources to test a setting properly. Most folks send their suspension off to a shop without any real specific goals in mind: "just make it better". ... more »

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Yesterday's kit forks are today's production technology. Usually the kit forks have some pretty coatings and are held to a tighter tolerance in manufacturing. The current production Japanese stuff is on par with kit stuff from five to ten years ago and ... more »

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Exactly why they were more exciting to watch!

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That's the most aggressive undercut I've ever seen, but the photo illustrates the modification well. A couple of degrees (up to five degrees) is all you need to make a transmission feel 1000 times safer. The case on these gears isn't very deep. I wouldn't ... more »

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For everyone tired of those pussies jumping through the whoops...

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I really like the Galfer stuff. I run the SKW fixed rotors and prefer the feel to a floating rotor. They hold up well for motocross. SKW is oversized on a Yamaha (270mm). I think the "Standard Wave Rotor" product for the KTM is equivalent if your KTM ... more »

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It's for sure a 2011 or later model. You can see the little shifter position sensor behind the shift lever. The USA model YZ250 didn't have that feature until 2011.

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My buddy had a 2013 model that did something like this. The sound from the exhaust would change to a lower tone as if the exhaust was clogged and the bike just wouldn't rev past maybe 1/3 of it's normal RPM range. I thought it was possible that his issue ... more »

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That's not from chamfering the ports, it's actually a casting that didn't clean up when it was bored during the machining process. The Machinist didn't catch it, and neither did the plater or the inspection department... You should send that back, it's ... more »